Suriname Politician Showers Money From Helicopter

Former Suriname guerrilla leader turned politician, Ronnie Brunswijk, has defended a decision to rain money from a helicopter on the village of  Moengo Tapoe.

According to news reports, video footage of the ABOP party leader dropping the cash  in eastern Suriname, first appeared on Sunday.

Local media said villagers could be seen scrambling to collect bills that Brunswijk is throwing from a red helicopter that hovers over their houses.

The video quickly went viral, much to the ire of critics who seemed to be standing at the ready to condemn Brunswijk’s actions as primitive.

Butt the former soldier hit back on his Facebook page, declaring that  it was almost as if people expected him to just put his money in the bank and look at it while he could see people suffering.

““I give when I can, because I know what it is to not have anything and be poor. I know how it feels to not have food to eat for days,” he wrote.

Known for his outlandish antics, it is not the first time Brunswijk has literally and figuratively “thrown” money at people, most notoriously during election periods, it was reported.

However, speaking to the press on Monday, he said that this time it had nothing to do with politics and trying to bind his voters to him.

He explained that his cousin passed away, and in his community it is tradition to put money on the table at such times.

“I helped out the family and then decided to spread more from a helicopter and make some people happy,” he declared.



  1. Iknow this guy from long time past,he has done this before.He believes in his actions,and were he does these events,I would not bother to describe the misery and poverty,with in the jungle

  2. It would be so nice if Chas,could use some of the monies that his papi made in the good old days.Why do we call it…good all days?? I guess the days were easier,less control,no police accion,nobody dared go against high society,status,pumped chest,walk into packed church,have priest come down from pulpit to greet you.Hum… So well I nearlly got carried away,imagin Chas in helicopter dropping cash in some village,what village would he choose?

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