Survey To Improve Choiseul Fishing Port

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Press Release:- The Government of Japan, upon request from the Government of Saint Lucia, decided to implement the preparatory survey on the project for improvement of the Choiseul fishing port.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) commenced this survey from 24th September, 2021 under contract with ECOH Corporation which is a Japanese consulting company.

Since the construction of the Choiseul Fishing Port in 2003, fishers of the community have been experiencing problems getting their fishing vessels in and out of port due to the build-up of silt at its entrance. 

The project was requested to improve the usability of the fishing port, and resultantly to contribute to the productivity for fisherfolk and the development of fisheries sectors by countermeasure works for reducing the current sedimentation in Choiseul fishing port.

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In the survey, it is planned to execute the outlined design based upon the appropriated components and scale, to estimate the project cost, and to propose the implementation plan, as well as required notes for maintenance, operation and demarcation for the government of Saint Lucia to achieve the project’s purpose.

In the course of this survey, the dredging works are scheduled in October, 2021 and February, 2022 in order to collect information on the verification of effectiveness and the evaluation indexes as deposition countermeasures.

The works will be conducted by the local contractor (Skelly Construction Services Ltd.) who successfully won the award and selected in accordance with the JICA’s procurement rules and whose services are fully funded by JICA.

The final report on the result of the survey will be prepared around April, 2022. JICA will review the report and make recommendations to the Government of Japan to determine the strategy for implementation of the project after confirming the feasibility of the project.

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