Friday, November 15, 2019

Suspect In Canaries Homicide In Disbelief, Crying – report

The suspect in Friday evening’s stabbing death of a Canaries man is in disbelief and has been in tears following the incident, the sister of the deceased, Lundra Michel, has said.

“The boy that kill him, he himself crying – he cannot believe because they were close and they were friends,” the sister told St Lucia Times.

Lundra Michel – Sister of Deceased

“I myself feel so sorry for the boy, because the boy crying and he don’t even know what happened. He calling me and my sister: ‘What happen? What happen? What happen?,” Michel explained.

She said her family is in mourning and trying to come to grips with the tragedy.

Police have identified the deceased as Curtis Charlemange who was in his late twenties.

According to a law enforcement official, Charlemange received one slash wound to the throat during an altercation with another male individual about 8.30 PM on Dix Street.

He is reported to have bled to death at the scene.

The alleged perpetrator s reported to have surrendered to the police.



  1. Boy u wasn’t no drunk that’s a poor excuse u jus using u drunk why u take off all Ur clothes uh that u see to go do wicked dog u drunk bull a cow uh no u had that jealousies in Ur heart already

  2. the police are lazy here every young man have knife or scissors as part of there tools for the day, stop and search and instant ticket as i get when i park wrong , simple laws can stop major crimes

    • The laws are already there for pretty much anything. Enforcement is the problem. Police themselves are criminals and the few professional decent ones are swimming against a tide of corruption and incompetence. They simply cannot win.

  3. Why the police hv to be blamed for everything . Knives and scissors are sold a dollar a piece
    Can be bought by anyone at anytime. Stop n search not gonna stop anyone from getting one.

  4. What a son of s female dog,you launch a stab to the throat?what was your intention?,you had all the rest of the body? I think you just wanted to kill.And now you are crying,you going away for a long time,because you are f…ed up in your brains,mother f…er.When you come out they will be waiting for you,dont worry.

  5. He doesn’t know what happened but you know how to stabbed him to death. People need to make proper decisions and learn to walk away. You need to pay for your actions

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