Suspected Human Trafficking Victim Rescued In Castries

A sixteen year old female, suspected to be a victim of human trafficking, was rescued Sunday in Castries and handed over to Saint Lucia Police, a senior law enforcement source has confirmed.

The teenager, originally from Venezuela but living in neighbouring Martinique for some time, ran to a complete stranger and begged for help, saying that she had been kidnapped and sexually abused, the source said.

According to the source, the young woman was partially naked and was complaining of intense pain.

“She said she was sedated by her captors and brought to Saint Lucia,” the source told St Lucia Times.

The stranger, a woman, to whom the teenager ran for help, took the girl to her home where she was given a meal and some clothing and later handed over to the Criminal Investigations Department of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), it was reported.

The law enforcement source told St Lucia Times that it appears that the teenager had been reported missing by officials in Martinique.

Investigations into the matter are continuing.



  1. Is this the girl they were looking for in Martinique? A lot of people will have to start answering questions.

  2. Sedated and brought to St Lucia .it would have to be by boat for customs not to check a sedated teenager at the airport .fishy. Hope the root of it is dealt with .O may what’s happening .

  3. They brought her in on a yacht,that wasent properly checked or else on a fishing boat,this is most normal thing,they can drop anywere in Gross islet beaches.Lets see what else comes out from the police.

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