Suspected Suicide And Attempted Suicide In Micoud

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One man died by suspected suicide, and a woman was in hospital after an attempted suicide in Micoud on Wednesday.

Police identified the deceased as Simius Paul, who was in his thirties.

They said he was found hanging at his home in Desruisseaux, Micoud, at approximately 10:00 pm.

In another incident earlier the same day, a woman in her twenties reportedly consumed a toxic liquid at  her Anse Ger, Micoud, residence at about 11:00 am and was rushed to St Jude Hospital.

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There are no further details at present.

Just recently, Clinical Counselor Alison Joseph-Edward disclosed that from 2017 to 2020, Saint Lucia recorded at least 43 suicides.

She noted that of the 43 suicides, only three involved women.

Joseph-Edward was part of a National Television Network (NTN) panel discussion on the theme: ‘Suicide Prevention – Creating Hope Through Action.’

The participants underscored the need for people with mental health issues to get help.

However, they acknowledged that personal, community, and societal stigma, represent a challenge.

Nevertheless, the panelists encouraged people who need help for themselves or their loved ones to access the national helpline by dialling #203 from a landline or mobile telephone.

The call is free, and the helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The service provides confidential support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress.

Headline photo: Simius Paul



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  1. Micoud might need to be renamed Brussels-in-the-Caribbean; since they are copycats of Europeans who have committed economic suicide, by leveling 8 rounds of sanctions against Russia. The sanctions have had a boomerang effect on Europe & the UK, only worse. A boomerang was launched at Russia, but it returned as Kinzhal hyper-sonic missile, with devastating effect on the European & UK populace (and winter has not even started yet)!

  2. Can St Lucia Times please go to “” so they can see how to appropriately report on a suicide? The wording of this article is absolutely inappropriate and makes me feel very unhappy……

  3. @Common sense:- the devil has no colour – God has no colour; God is a Spirit and I believe so is the devil. The Artists paint Jesus mainly from his thinking to please his own people around him, mainly the white church. Jesus IS the incarnate Son of God, the very embodiment of the FATHER. No one alive can see the Father and live – Moses tried, but no way. Some who are still fighting the last election, and others trying for Reparation money like to play the race card, Africa this, slavery that, de white man, de coolie etc, they never blame them selves, so the shooting and crime goes on, the children of today are sporting a different brand, I wonder whose fault is it??? Find Jesus, He is in the Good Book. Amen.

  4. Saint Lucia as a whole needs to address mental health NOW before any more people die in these terrible ways. The so-called help does not exist. The Mental Wellness Centre is staffed with people who don’t even have the most basic knowledge, understanding or the resources to deal with the many faceted mental health issues on this island. Suicide is not just committed by people who are depressed, which maybe the help line might be able to deal with, but NOT psychosis. Psychotic people would not call a help line. They may not even be contemplating suicide but during psychotic episodes they behave irrationally. When is this country going to get rid of public servants who only care about themselves and not the good of this country?! St Lucia could be so much, but we continue to embroil ourselves in petty quarrelling, money grubbing, sexual gratification without thinking about the consequences ie unwanted, unprotected, vulnerable fatherless children who often feel helpless and hopeless. When are those “in charge” going to seriously address, educate, and coordinate mental health services across the WHOLE community? They might just see a a drop in crime, domestic violence and suicide and trauma to individuals with mental health issues and their families…

    • I could not have said it better. It’s high time Lucians take mental health serious. It starts with family members being aware and there for each other. This really is heartbreaking.

  5. I don’t know but it would be hard to convince me that, that’s normal; In Micoud of all places? makes you think, she tried first did not succeed; but why did he take this hellish rout? you hardly stand a chance cutting the blood to the brain, in less than 30 seconds you’re gone, maybe he knew it – but why did he do it – did he hear the News Cast? make you think. The things people do when they do not know the Lord. Godliness=Hope=Peace=Love Amen.

      • Highgrade…don’t mind the hypocrites.
        They’re pretending! They very well know the difference between “The White Devil” and “the white devil.” It’s the old “three monkeys” strategy: See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

    • Such ignorant comments are the reasons why people aren’t comfortable confiding in family members. Our lack of understanding and ignorance in regards to mental health is detrimental to society. We waste more time focused on silly politicians who are self absorbed idiots who only care about themselves.

  6. There you go! Men’s issues are not being adequately dealt with by the Gender Affairs ministry (may I add, society). And that is a shame! Pushing women’s issues while placing men’s issues on the back burner.


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