Suspected Suicide At Dennery

Saint Lucia police are investigating a suspected suicide at Rocky Lane, Dennery, it has been reported.

Law enforcement officials have identified the deceased as Gervais Emmanuel, 17.

He was found hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom about 3.30 p.m Monday, according to reports.


  1. So much hypocrisy here. When rehanni Isidore attempted to commit suicide the media took a while to release his name now a minor’s name is on here mere hours after. Let the police issue a press release. Be sensitive.

    • Because we as a society failed him that’s y because if he couldn’t trust in the people he see why trust in one he can’t that’s y he didn’t pray because we as a society are to blame

      • Fail him in what way? Just asking! However I can give you some reasons why teenagers have been committing suicide in the region lately. Recording themselves with their phone naked or half naked and when it gets in the puplic domain they kill themselves. When their parents take their phone from them they kill themselves. Don’t give them a phone they kill themselves. The comment was correct. They need prayers and God in their life.

  2. It is frustration that is causing the problem in St Lucia as the only jobs you can get is working for Guardsman Security for 4:25 cents an hour at the Owen King Hospital or opening and closing if the door at the banks or working like a slave at the brewery for nothing there is no future for the youtes in the country just poor jobs that take you nowhere in life

    • I can see ignorance in your post. What is wrong with being employed as a security guard? Isn’t it ligitimate employment? My first job was paying $356 a month and I, as a young person,;was extremely happy because I was not dependent upon my parents for all my needs. I no longer work at the establishment and I make a lot more now. I held to the job until I got one that paid more.

    • Burton put a sock in it!! Please refrain from speaking like one of the ignorant people. If you were to carry half of what’s in your enormous backpack in your head you’d be a lot smarter.

    • Youth employment is on the rise. Remember that. They want to get rid of Ojo labs.Farming is getting big but the youth don’t want that. I do not know the guy so I can’t say anything about him but there are more opportunities now than before. He could have gone to the NAPS office in VFort and talk to them.

  3. Its very sad,to all his friends and family,you all abandoned him? you had no dialogue with him?

  4. We need to understand that you have to crawl before you walk. There are people with college degrees making minimum wage in big countries where rent can be $1500 per month and more.

    I made $4.50 am hour when I first started to work. I never felt the need to steal or rob..I did what I could with what I earned until better came along. It is not easy anywhere in the world .trust me. Don’t envy others and what they have ..ill gotten gains will never last…but instead will be a curse on your life

  5. Yall just waiting for someone to comment something yall dont like..most of yall on this comment section are uneducated and biliterant against each other…now its all about the people who makes there comments and not on the actual incident….and yall educated

  6. This is heartbreaking a family is a mourning a great loss let’s be sensitive please we never know unless it’s hits close to home for us. May his soul Rest In Peace and to the family maybthe grace of god be with you lean not on your own understanding know that God is in control.

  7. So sad whatever he was going thought that make his do such thing , lord have mercy upon his soul.

    Sometime if we human beings cannot say something good please just zip it ☝

  8. When I read some of these comments I can confirm that St Lucia have more than the 43% of jackasses Chastanet spoke about..
    Anyway Kenny could not make us safe he is doing.
    Bravo Chas and Guy.

  9. St Lucian’s must learn to stop pointing fingers and judging ppl, gay ppl are human bengs to y’all know,let’s show some other respect. After all it makes no sense barging one another

  10. I feel rely bad for this child bearing in mi d I am a mother as hurts have u seen the letter he post bfuh he did that.we as perents Ned to make time to show our kids love so they dnt feel recentful wen otha people dnt love them.may his soul rest in peace.

  11. This is what it is. Lucians quicker fight you down and judge you. People just react without thinking. I went to school with the guy for years. Man this country is messed up. No one looks out for the youth but only sees the benefit in their pocket. This guy had nobody due to being judged and even now some of you still see it fit to act the same stupid way instead of opening your eyes and try to make a change. The country on it a**. Lucian killing each other while the white man building his pocket. Such a world. Try to understand the youth more instead of discouraging the positive flow they try to bring

  12. Very sad news. RIP young man. I see quite a few people bashing Burton and responding with various wages. There are many people who work at these security jobs and that is what can do but is it right to exploit them? In what year was your salary at 400 and 500 dollars. What was the cost of living during that time? I agree there is NOTHING wrong in being a Security Guard or any job for that matter. The point is 4.25 an hour for 12+ hours working, 6 days a week with 1 day off, is modern day slavery!!! You may say well go back to school or get a trade…so how can you do that when you leave home pre dawn and return past 8pm? Now if you are securing someone valuables, ie property, employees etc. and putting your life at risk, shouldn’t you be paid a decent living wage? This is not the fault of the workers, its the outdated Labor Laws and Government who allow foreign and local companies to employ St. Lucians for shameful wages, while the rent rates and cost of living is rising. So spare me the self righteous BS about how much you made back when and where you are now………..

  13. Condolences to the family of the deceased. Too many people jump to conclusions before they are armed with the facts. Stop the speculations and wait for a full report from the relevant authorities.

  14. I just want to add my two scents..this is heart breaking….people God love each and everyone of us..stop being bullies to society…be nice and change the world.there isn’t anything wrong with being transgender.please pray for the youth.most of them are killing themselves

  15. R.i.p young man. I hope society will soon start to pay attention to the issues faving young men. These days mens rights and needs seem to be cast aside in favour of all things feminine. No doubt part of the agenda to destory the functional family unit. Male lives matter.

  16. Some young soul dies due to reasons that he alone knows. And we are here already arguing about everything but understanding that people do things for reasons they think are enough to cause their actions. Whether he was gay or not it doesn’t erase the fact that we have a problem with suicide and depression in our small island. That’s what really the true problem. Whoever feels like insulting him or argue over pettiness has failed to understand that this can happen to someone who is close to you, someone you care about about someone you least expect. So judgemental comments are left for the ignorant and insults are reserved for the insensitive infidels who believe they are better than others. The Creator doesn’t hate the person, he hated the sin. When it happens to someone you love, only then can you truly see how this disease has no preference and doesn’t discriminate. A pity, people die and all we can do is offend each other and judge people based on their sexuality. Great minds discuss resolutions, small inferior minds make a mockery of everything. As Salamu Alaikum.

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