Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Suspected Suicide At Monchy

A suspected suicide at Stony Hill, Mochy, is currently under investigation by the police.

Persons in the area have identified the deceased as Serge Herman, 65, of Monchy.

A relative found him hanging from the ceiling of his home Sunday with what appeared to be an electrical wire around his neck, they said.

The discovery was made about 4:15 pm, according to reports.


  1. Here we go again frustration working for low wages the high cost of living is responsible for all the suicide we the working class the poor and blue collar workers is taking it hard in st lucia we continue to suffer under the establishment and the global elite condolences to the mans family be strong my people please be strong as jesus Christ is coming soon to bring down the Babylon system

    • Why are you saying all this nice s*** and you do not even know the guy. At 65 you should be enjoying your retirement.

    • For someone that know Jesus your comments sound very much like his opposite. Why haven’t you killed yourself, it’s cause you know better and you should preach better. It’s a sad situation where prayer is needed before criticism. Don’t give an excuse for doing wrong give an encouragement instead to defer ppl from such.

  2. At 65 you must enjoy your life
    look fresh and get a beautiful woman to mary you you are very foolish!!!!!

  3. Depression comes in different forms. It could be the one sitting next to you
    and you don’t know it. Some drawn their sorrows in excessive use of alcohol.
    Some smoke like a chimney. some take depression drugs or other forms of
    Opiods, some use the church as a second home, some are Hermits and pray
    to some god, eventually some give up, believing there’s nothing more to live for
    they claim to hearing voices, some are rich, some are poor, no one understand
    not even the so called experts, some are Doctors, Lawyers, Educators and politicians.

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