Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Suspected Suicide At Vieux Fort

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Police are investigating a suspected suicide at Grace, Vieux Fort.

Dead is Shavon Brown.

His father, Mathosuse Isidore, told St Lucia Times he found the body early on Monday morning.

Isodore, a farmer, explained that he has two houses.

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The father said he lives in one dwelling, whereas the son occupied the other some 50 yards away.

The son lived alone.

Isidore recalled that just last week, Brown spoke to him about a girl who bore him a child but was withholding custody from him.

Mathoduse Isidore

However IsidoreĀ  said it appeared that the mother found someone who could support her and the child who is about two years old.

He disclosed that he tried to comfort and reassure his son.

“The girl was living with him about two, three years ago and got pregnant during that time,” he recalled.

Isidore said the deceased had written the name of the child on the door of the home where he lived.

The father said he decided to investigate after he had not seen his son for two days.

He disclosed that he encountered a foul smell and found the body hanging from a cement rope in a room.

Room where father found body

Isidore also said he found cash in the house as well.

Shavon Brown was a farmer like his father, but also worked in the construction industry.

Headline photo caption: Shavon Brown

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