Suspected Trois Piton killer remanded

Suspected Trois Piton killer, Wayne Janvier, made his first appearance in court today and was remanded in custody at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) until May 25, 2017, when he is expected to make another court appearance.

Janvier, 39, was charged with murder in connection with the stabbing death of Leonard Felicien.

The fifty-nine year old  Felician died  some time after noon on April 22 at Trois Piton, Castries.

Felicien  is alleged to have been stabbed during an argument with Janvier.



  1. Satan winning souls everyday Liquor and argument don’t mix.People have to much rage and using their time uselessly to sit around all day to drink.Make you’ll time constructive,stop the flossing.Look where you their now a bottle of poison,up goes the bottle but down goes the man.You take a life,so you have to put up your life now.The best justice that can ever be ditch out.Who the hell want to be in prison all their life.So you make your bed.So shall he sow,so shall he reap.

  2. Any one who commits premeditated murder should forfeit his/her life . You have to be particularly wicked to butcher a fellow human being.

  3. I should be one of the Jurors .I would make Sure Death by Hanging would be his Fate too Damm Miserable when he Consumes Rum .He have been spoken to on Numerous occassions refuse to Listen .killing an innocent man for nothing at all .I hope he receive the rightful sentence

  4. He will be convicted of manslaughter because he will successfully use provocation as a defence. Wait and see.

  5. Yes he will say it was self defense, since i heard the victim had a knife
    But how about walking away,dont they know thats the best decision one can make when in a situation like that.

    • The law does not require that you walk away before you attempt to defend yourself. Once you have fear of serious harm or death, you can retaliate. Provided that the force you use is proportional to the threat and that you reacted immediately, in that there was not lag between the threat and your reaction, then the defence is available.

      Let’s see how this case goes. Although it may take 15 years just to be heard. Justice is a slow process here.

  6. Everyone has opinions i respect that but all these accusations if you where there why didn’t you avoid that , i am certain there was an argument before the incident and there were people , we st lucians like soaps we stand watch and laugh but at the end where there is fire then we turn and say all types of things , talking will not bring him alive it could have stop but went so far now the fact is pray for this guy he need prayers his family needs it ,the victim’s family need prayers pray for these families and stop all these accusations

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