SVG: Welfare Group Again Urges Cops Not To Ride In Pan Of Police Pickup

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iWitness News:– The Police Welfare Association, on Sunday, again urged police officers to desist from riding in the pan of police pickups after two officers from the Special Services Unit were injured when they fell from one such vehicle.

Several officers had to seek medical attention when a police pick-up collided with a civilian vehicle driven by a police officer at Bentick Square in Kingstown.

The executive of the Police Welfare Association, in a circular that same day, expressed “profound sadness” regarding the accident.

“It is very unfortunate that this accident occurred,” PWA general secretary, Police Constable Somorow Quashie said.

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“Members, we once again take this opportunity to remind and urge you to desist from riding in the pan of those pickup trucks.

“Be reminded also that there is no insurance coverage for you if you sustain injuries while riding in the pan, since it was not designed for the purpose of carrying passengers.

“We wish a speedy recovery to our members and hope that this will be the last of such incidents that would be reported to us,” the communiqué said.

iWitness News was informed this week that police officers fall from the pan of police pickups quite frequently but the occurrences are never publicised.

Anyone wishing to transport persons in the pan of a truck must obtain special permission from the police.

However, the police continue to ride and, at times, transport handcuffed persons in the pan of their pickup trucks.

In one instance, iWitness News witnessed prisoners being transported in the trunk of a police vehicle.

Headline photo courtesy iWitness News

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