Press Release:-The Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations, through the Curriculum and Materials Development Unit (CAMDU), is attempting to raise the level of students’ achievement in mathematics in Saint Lucia, with the hosting of a Mathematics Symposium for Educators from January 31st to February 1st, 2017.

The two-day activity – which will be undertaken at the Financial Administrative Center, Pointe Seraphine – is being held in collaboration with UNESCO, UNICEF and Oxford Publishing, under the Theme: Learning – Loving – Nurturing Mathematics.

The main focus of the symposium will be on Grades K to Six, but discussions will extend to Grade Nine (Form 3), where necessary.

The activity will help encourage teachers to develop interventions for improved students’ performance in mathematics, share ideas and pedagogy in the teaching of concepts which pose a challenge in teaching and learning and help in creating an awareness in teaching of new strategies and methods of teaching mathematics.

The Guest Speaker Mr. Chamberlain Emmanuel, will speak on the “Concept of Changing Mindsets” as it relates to mathematics. Mrs. Susan Acosta Hernandez, a curriculum methodologist in mathematics from the Republic of Cuba, will present on new pedagogy used in mathematics instruction in Cuba. Parents will also be in attendance and will have the opportunity to share their concerns and make recommendations on mathematics issues, curriculum and pedagogy in schools.

Coming out of the symposium will be a handbook, which organizers hope will serve as an instructional tool for instruction in mathematics on the island. It is also hoped that education officers and principals will replicate the pedagogy learned in the symposium within the various education districts on the island.

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