TAG Praises Private Relief For The Needy, Urges Government To Play Lead Role

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Press Release:– The Advocacy Group extols high praise and commendation to various private organisations who have come forward in providing food supplies and gifting food vouchers to needy St. Lucians.

The recent action by the Sandals Foundation and others takes on special significance at this time of traditional goodwill but also as a direct response to cushion the economic hardships brought about by the current Covid-19 pandemic.

We call on the private sector and other entities with the requisite resources and capacity to emulate the philanthropic spirit of the Sandals Resort through the Sandals Foundation, The Salvation Army and the Alexander Foundation for example to provide much needed support to the less fortunate who are struggling to cope under difficult economic conditions.

Our nation must be mindful and sensitive to the difficulties of many who have lost jobs or whose source of revenue has been eroded due to the onslaught of the covid-19 pandemic.

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Our ability to recover as a people will be further enabled when those with the capacity seek to extend a helping hand to the weak among us.

The Government of St Lucia must of necessity take up its leadership role and to implement much needed relief to the marginalized and underprivileged at this time. TAG is of the view that such interventions are overdue and should be seen as a “lifeline” to many who are stranded and in peril.

Government outreach to the disadvantaged sectors of our population must be given priority. We are disappointed that Government has recently announced assistance to Bar Owners ahead of the poor and destitute. We anticipate that in the period leading up to Christmas if not to usher in the New Year that Phillip J Pierre Government will demonstrate sensitivity to the plight of the indigent and poor among us and provide much needed relief packages.

The current “run-away” crime situation may very well be linked to the desperate reality of some of whom don’t have the luxury of three meals a day.

Once again we ‘big up’ and celebrate the good deeds of the Sandals Foundation, Salvation Army, the Alexander Foundation and others. TAG salutes all of these private sector and charity entities which have come forward to be counted. The significance of these donations cannot be underestimated for their impact on the poor.

The contribution of Sandals for example means that EC $35,000 has been pumped into the local economy. The Sandals outreach has impacted 17 communities throughout St
Lucia. We note that 350 families can confirm in a tangible way that “Sandals Cares”.

The combined efforts of Sandals Foundation, The Salvation Army and The Alexander Foundation has touched some 500 plus families Because of Sandals and other private entities over 500 families and their individual members can truly observe an enjoyable Christmas and look forward with some hope to a New Year of better prospects.

Headline photo: FLASHBACK File photo of FLOW feed the poor initiative, December 2018

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  1. Very interesting! Why is it the persons who desperately need the help are not targeted. I have children as well and have been facing alot of challenges but haven’t received any call for any voucher, groceries, not even toys for my children. Maybe the same people are targeted for help over and over again and getting help from all organizations for the Christmas. I guess i am not one of the famous mothers. Life goes on.

  2. Government give the hotels such as the ones mentioned o er those business owners, if the businesses was given same tax holidays and perks the island would have been the leading one that being said gov. Don’t have to dabble in every thing and the reason I said that is because when you depends on gov to do everything then you are enabling the corruption to manifest it’s way into your house hold. So if you are doing any kindness let me be from your heart and allow the community to contribute

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