Thursday, September 29, 2022

Taiwan Continues To Invest In Saint Lucia Youth, Women

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Press Release:- Hundreds of Saint Lucian youth and women will benefit from an innovative upskilling programme in specialized areas as the Government of Taiwan deepens its bilateral ties with Saint Lucia.

The vocational skills training programme will run for ten months, beginning in January 2022, and will focus on four specialized areas, namely (1) Health Aide, (2) Hospitality, (3) Digital and Creative Entrepreneurship, and (4) Early Childhood Development Aide. This is the first in a series of activities under the terms of the Letter of Intent signed between the Governments of Taiwan and Saint Lucia for Youth Economy and Women’s Entrepreneurship on November 22, 2021.

Other activities to be rolled out under the initiative involve the capacity building of existing and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Training will be undertaken in three cycles of three months duration and each area of specialization will run concurrently. Participants’ tuition will be fully funded and they will also receive a stipend for full attendance. 

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Participants who complete the programme will receive micro-credentials and digital certificates from Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC), which will be providing the training and coaching for the programme using a blended approach. 

The training programme, which was officially launched on Thursday, December 16, 2021, at SALCC, aims to help Saint Lucia revitalize its economy and restore social stability through a series of efforts, such as vocational training. 

The Ministry of Finance, Economic Development and Youth Economy in Saint Lucia will coordinate with the Embassy of Taiwan in Saint Lucia and the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) to facilitate implementation of the project, screening and selection of trainees and participating start-ups and enterprises. Also, the Ministry of Commerce in Saint Lucia will provide a one-stop business registration service and guidance to start-ups related to the project. 

Among those present at Thursday’s official launch was Hon. Emma Hippolyte, Minister for Commerce, Manufacturing, Business Development, Co-operatives & Consumer Affairs. She encouraged Saint Lucian youth and women to take advantage of the opportunities the programme is offering.

“This programme is for unemployed and under-employed youth and women. It is for you who would have left the school system before writing your CXCs. It is for you, the single parents, who want a start to get into the job market, to continue your education, or to start your own business. This is your time. This is your opportunity. Please do not let it pass you by,” Hon. Hippolyte said. 

With youth unemployment continuing to be a major challenge for many young Saint Lucians, this project will specifically seek to empower youth and women by affording them high-quality 21st-century digital literacy skills.

Trainees will thereafter specialize in an area of interest and receive a wide range of knowledge and skills, thereby making them more marketable or enabling them to become entrepreneurs.

Since resuming diplomatic ties with Saint Lucia in 2007, the Government of Taiwan has consistently placed strong emphasis in providing assistance to Saint Lucia in various socio-economic areas, including education. This new programme is another demonstration of that commitment.   

For more information about the programme, please go to

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  1. I think that’s a very good thing that they are doing for people to benefit all they have to do is take it seriously and apply themselves at job training so get a good recommendation

  2. I say friendly gesture .no wonder our fishes going extinct whiles we sleep (tywanise) trawling so they fooling people with friendly gestures then what!!!!°

  3. The areas stipulated in the funding are quite needy. However I wish the government could have bargain for a.more lengthy time, our politician negotiating skills are still below their feet. Why accepting such a short term training funding, to what level or magnitude will the students gasp to seek employment? How will they gain employment when the course are running for such short period. After completion are these academics will be cast aside? What system will be put in place to see that the students gain further training so that they can be fully qualified to gain employment?. Or will they left alone to phantom ideas to thief, Robb, or extort money to buy a plane ticket and leave for good. The formula government is using for decades is failing the workforce unemployment section, the end result is crime this is what happens bottom line.

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