Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Taiwan Donates 65” Interactive Screen To Babonneau Primary School

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The Babonneau Primary School is the latest recipient of a 65” interactive screen as the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) continues to promote ICT in Saint Lucian schools.

On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, H.E. Peter Chia-yen Chen, officially handed over the 65” interactive screen to Tessa Bartlette, Principal of Babonneau Primary School.

The interactive screen will assist students and teachers at the school in adapting to the new teaching environment that sees a heavy reliance on ICT programmes.

In his remarks at the handover ceremony at Babonneau Primary School, Ambassador Chen stated that while people’s talents will vary, they should nevertheless have an equal opportunity to develop their talents.

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The donation, he added, was made under Taiwan’s ICT in Education Project, which aims to create an enhanced and ICT-enabled environment for students.

“I would like to express my appreciation to Hon. Shawn Edward, Minister for Education, and all the efforts from the colleagues from the Ministry of Education, and also from the Taiwan
Technical Mission, led by Head of Mission, Daniel Lee, and our Project Manager, JoAnna
Huang, for their efforts to put all this together.”

During the ceremony, a teacher engaged some of the students in a multiple choice quiz using the interactive screen and their cellphones. The aim was to see not only who got the answers correctly, but also who did so the fastest.

“I’m particularly glad to see the demonstration and to know the teachers and students are already putting this device to good use,” Ambassador Chen commented. “I believe this technological tool will make that more interesting and more attractive.”

Ambassador Chen stated that Taiwan and Saint Lucia will continue to collaborate to expedite the establishment of a more inclusive and technology-driven education environment that offers every student better access and preparation.

Michael Gaspard, who stood in for Hon. Virginia Albert-Poyotte, MP for Babonneau, at the
handover ceremony, thanked the Government of Taiwan for its continued support to Saint Lucia.

Gaspard also encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunities now at their
fingertips through technology.

“I urge you to continue to make use of the technology that’s available,” Gaspard told the
students. “We are very glad that the government and people of Taiwan are going all out to assist the children of Saint Lucia with a gift like this. So we have to make the best of it.”

Also present at Wednesday’s handover ceremony were Richard Maxwell, IT Manager,
Innovation Division, Ministry of Education; and Dr. Claudia Louis, Chief Planning Officer,
Corporate Planning Division, Ministry of Education.

As part of its commitment to promoting ICT in Saint Lucia, Taiwan has pledged to donate 32 65” interactive screens to 11 primary schools and 12 secondary schools.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

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  1. Mwen nee qwestion pooh zot waypohn:

    How will that screen benefit the children? What part of the curriculum will incorporate the learning of how to use or use of the interactive screen? How much time will each class or child get to manipulate and experience the screen? Who will maintain and keep the screen updated? How and when can the children access the screen? What kind of learning, topics, or information will the screen provide? What will be the schedule like for the various classes to access the screen, for how long, and which grades? Will a class of 24 students or more all be able to sit comfortably and see the screen from their seats? Does the room have internet access if in case that’s what the need the screen requires for effective use?

    New uh list of qwestion, and yet still there are many more to be asked.

    It’s easy to pose for pictures with donations that will just catch don’t because they are of no use for the children since it does not fit in their curriculum or there is no preparation or foundation already there to use and access the devices.

    This is a paperweight for that school, a tool that is highly rated but will be underutilized because the school is not ready for it.

  2. Dr Hilaire, we are in the rainy season now and you have done nothing about our road. Dr Hilaire don’t take us for granted. Don’t do like the UWPs to start working at the 23rd hour. Time will tell

  3. Our children from the fond st Jacques primary school are not school children’s, they don’t worth anything from the donors,is this justice?

    • my other question is do they only give to the public schools? what about the private schools like for instance the day cares?


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