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Updated on May 30, 2020 9:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 9:20 am
Updated on May 30, 2020 9:20 am

Taiwanese Drama Series To Air In Saint Lucia

Press Release:– The Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Government of Saint Lucia have signed a licensing agreement to air a Taiwanese drama series on Saint Lucia’s National Television Network (NTN).

The New World drama series comprises 24 episodes and will be featured every Friday.

The series follows a newspaper reporter who is in search of her long lost childhood friends. In the process, she stumbles upon a mysterious criminal case, and a dangerously-kept secret that threatens the lives of the families involved.

The Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Saint Lucia, H.E. Douglas Shen, explained that the plot is thick with the themes of love, friendship and suspense.

“I would like to encourage our Saint Lucian friends to get a closer look at the culture of Taiwan and the talents of the cast in the great TV drama series,” he said. “The universal themes will bring our hearts together despite thousands of miles of distance between our two countries.

“As an ambassador I promised I would do my best to maintain and promote the relationship between our two countries whether it be in agriculture, education, ICT and even cultural exchanges like this drama, The New World. I am pleasured to represent the people and government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to sign this licensing agreement with Minister Belrose for the television drama series. The New World will air weekly to the Saint Lucian people on the National Television Network starting next Friday night.”

Minister in the Ministry of Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries, Sen. Hon. Fortuna Belrose, believes that the series will further strengthen the bond between Saint Lucia and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

“We welcome this series from Taiwan titled The New World. It is important for our countries to continue the relationship that we have,” the minister said. “Saint Lucia has been friends with Taiwan for as long as we’ve been independent and we have benefitted significantly from our friendship with Taiwan in all spheres—whether it be economic, social, or educational.

“Taiwan is a country similar to ours in many respects, and the country has progressed in its educational thrust to ensure that its citizens are empowered. We want to thank you, ambassador, for the great work that you have been doing in continuing that legacy, and in helping Saint Lucia alleviate some of the stresses that we have as we deliver our mandate as a government. There are many lessons that we can learn from such exchanges, and this opportunity will hopefully bring our two peoples closer.”

The New World drama series will premiere on NTN at 8 p.m. on Friday, May 10.


  1. So ok whatthat has to to with st Lucia’s economy?? I already hate them damn Taiwanese people

  2. So dey will play Lucian Films on Taiwan TV?
    You dere wif all your teeth out!!!!
    Dats if you even ask the man.

  3. What on earth? Definition of negative progress!! How many times must this lady send smoke screens our way to cover incompetence – I remembered she was interviewed at Pigeon Island when she first “murdered” the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts festival and gave birth to the Dark Clouds Festival. She said that the event was very successful yet only 5 people were seen in the background!!!

    How about free subscription for all St Lucian’s to watch Discovery Channel/ Science Chanel/ Animal Planet/ Discovery Kids through the local cable companies? How about the Taiwanese adopting the aching Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and making it into a world class research center for Agri, for example!

    Stop taking us people for idiots!


  4. Communist Republic of China is trying to set foot in many Caribbean countries, the same like they are doing in Africa with bad results. Taiwan is opposing them and is also trying to affirm itself. St-Lucia is better off with them.

  5. If Taiwan is to give us “culture” in a TV drama series; it would be much better if THEY would impart on us, film making education. Give St Lucian tutors in the film, grants , workshops, and other perks, on how to create films with a standard, and to become better abled at film production … THAT is much better than trying to push their movies down our throats. Apparently, the Minister for Creative Industries, has NO IDEA OF CREATIVE CULTURES. In making movies, there is a wide gamut of “technical industries” (Just look at the credits of any movie to have an idea). Instead of “teaching”, they (the ministry of creative industries) are showing us a “look it, take it” mentality and keep your mouth shut!! Her actions are definitely NOT strengthening … but rather, breaking us down.

  6. Some people are just showing their idiotic ways on every social media because it is worse at their homes so they putting it out there. What a world.

  7. I can’t wait to see the drama. Why are st. Lucians so. Just wait and see and try to enjoy the things all y’all doing is complaining.

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