Taiwanese Help Promote Quality Control For Banana Exports

Press Release:- The Taiwan Technical Mission has joined hands with the Banana Productivity Improvement Project (BPIP) and the Ministry of Agriculture to conduct a series of agricultural training sessions designed to improve production and promote quality control for exporting in the banana industry during the month of June. 

A total of eleven (11) sessions were held at Jacmel, Cal-De-Sac, Odsan, Union, Belle Vue, Desruisseaux, Woodlands and Banse.

More than 300 persons were benefited from the sessions.

The sessions which were conducted by Taiwanese Specialist Johnson Wu outlined and discussed a series of measures which banana farmers can implement to improve production and adapt to climate change.

Mr. Wu urged the farmers to adopt modern farming practices that focus on saving labor costs, maximizing the efficiency of farm inputs, and shortening the life cycle between every bunch.

He also proposed that farmers  (1) adopt the new Taiwanese varieties ‘Tai-Chiao No. 2’, which has a shorter growth habit than the conventional variety ‘Valery’  and is more resistant to wind damage. (2) make production schedule by adjusting planting dates and using different planting materials. (3) ensure exporting quality products through pest control, good agricultural practices and proper packing.

Also present at these special workshops were BPIP Project Manager Kerde Severin and his Extension officers.


  1. … the tourism industry is messed up for now… so the focus is on bananas now???? You’ll will learn to stop putting all eggs in one basket!!

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