Taxi drivers hail urination crackdown

The President of the Holiday Taxi Cooperative Society, Lucien Joseph, has welcomed a planned campaign by the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC), against urinating, defecating, spitting and littering in the capital.

The CCC intends  to write to taxi and minibus associations alerting them to the crackdown.

It is known that taxi drivers and minibus drivers are among those guilty of urinating in public.

However while welcoming the planned CCC campaign, the President of the Holiday Taxi Cooperative Society told the Times that sufficient public toilets must be made available.

“Go down to the minibus and taxi stands – I don’t see there is any form of facilities there,” Joseph declared.

In response to the CCC’s announced intention to write to taxi and minibus associations about their members urinating in public, he said:

“I am not saying they are wrong, but they have to prove their allegations.”

He called for the provision of more public toilets in Castries.

“Castries has over seventy thousand people and right now there if you look in Castries there are only three or four places with facilities,” Joseph asserted.

The CCC  has said that there are seven public toilets in the city.

The Holiday Taxi Association President noted that persons who visit the banks and want to use the washroom are not allowed to do so.

He said the majority of restaurants  and bars that are in close proximity to minibus and taxi stands, will not allow use of their facilities by persons who do not patronise their business.

“I am saying that the City Council can do anything they can and which I support because the smell (of urine) in Castries is not good, but you cannot accuse taxi drivers and minibus drivers unless you put facilities in place to make sure that these fellows use these facilities and if they are not using them, then you charge them,” Joseph declared.






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