Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Teacher Injured In Rape Attempt

A teacher was injured and had to be hospitalised Saturday night, after a male attempted to rape her, law enforcement officials say.

According to the officials, the woman was driving slowly along the potholed Belair road when the man jumped out of the bushes at the side of the road.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the man is reported to have pulled the keys out of the ignition, entered the vehicle and attempted to rape the woman who fought him off.

She is said to have sustained multiple injuries as a result of the incident which occurred about 7.00 pm, it is reported.

The woman was transported to hospital by ambulance, law enforcement officials say.

The aggressor escaped after his intended victim fought him off.

Hours earlier on Saturday afternoon police shot dead Miguel ‘Mad Max’ Edward at Rodney Bay, after a report was made that he had raped and sodomised a female centenarian.

Miguel ‘Mad Max’ Edward

Edward was confronted by the police as he was waiting to board a boat and when he reached towards his waist, was fatally shot, according to a police report.

The deceased was described by a law enforcement official as a menace, who had been in and out of jail on several occasions.

The official said Edward was wanted for a number of offences.



  1. Well, one less pest to deal with. I hope the vermin who tried to rape the teacher is caught and castrated. Mr. PM fix the roads; as you can see, bad roads are aiding in criminal activities. The saftey of citizens and visitors alike should be paramount.

    • What is going on? The same that has been going on for decades. Rape and murder. Where have you been?

    • @ Ronna Reevs, what’s wrong with the men in St Lucia is the system is failing young boys for a long long time<, the boys that you forget is the men you will remeber. Good or Bad

  2. ,This is bad,the teacher was atacked by a guy that put a knife to her neck, she was driving slowly because the road dosent allow you to go faster than a walking person.The woman fought him off,but she was hurt.Its troubling that he could jump at the car open the door and take the keys on the one and only road ,and atack the woman and atempt to rape her at 7 in the evening..Shite there has to be DNA evidence in the car or the body of the woman.Hope they take their time and do a proper investigation of this case.

  3. Our roads need to be fixed the government i hope you all take note! This teacher could have been killed. I do hope the police get on the band wagon and find this animal and slaughter him!! Smdh

  4. That rapist Nigger, should be dragged behind the car her jumped into. Niggers have no place in our black society.

  5. You mean Guy eh fix that effin road yet! All he does is grin and effing talk talk talk…I’m pissed off!!

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