Thursday, November 14, 2019

Teachers At Entrepot Secondary Report Sick – Students Sent Home

Teachers at the Entrepot Secondary School reported sick Friday, resulting in students being sent home.

According to school Principal, Arthur Scott, members of staff informed him that they had summoned their union to discuss a matter.

“In keeping with arrangements I allowed it. The union came in and following the meeting he members came to inform be that they were not feeling well and they would like to proceed to their homes or see the doctor,” Scott told St Lucia Times.

He disclosed that he informed the Ministry of Education about the situation.

Scott about 2.00 pm he was given permission to allow the students to go home and parents were so informed.

When asked about the way forward, the Entrepot Secondary School Principal told St Lucia Times that he was awaiting word from the Ministry of Education.



    • Hey Monk, what’s your job again? It seem to me that you are being paid to sniff their whereabouts. Did for using your fingers, did you watch those pics of the poor conditions of the school?

  1. Most teachers work in substandard conditions on a daily basis this includes no teachers desks or chairs in classrooms, mold infestation, one microwave for 40 teachers to warm food and get back to class on time and if I continue to write there will not be enough space…..let Howell and Monrose do their job. I hear that in various ministries desks and chairs are replaced sometimes every 6months. I wish some teachers could at least get those ‘old’ chairs to sit on.

  2. I think some schools have some serious problems integrating the parents of the studdents into the schools daily functions . I was allways involved in all the school activities, We the parents bought microwaves,fans,cleaning elements ,we helped the schhool.And when the school encauntered a big problem,we dug in and found the way to solve what goverment could not solve . Course mould is not for parents to handle ,there the ministry is to blame, I thought all the schools were inspected and aproved ? guess they forgot this one

  3. 26 million spent only Horses so far for the first horse race in St. Lucia. Yet teachers in two schools had to strike because of unhealthy conditions. So basically the PM has put horses but the youth of this country

  4. Just as I thought, it’s 90% politics. Parents should watch out for the other crap their kids
    stuff down their stomachs, unawares. [ wellcome to the modern world of St.Lucia ]
    Today we are talking of Microwaves, Fans, Desks, cleaning elements etc. etc. boy oh boy.
    Did we miss any of this growing up? beside the leaking roofs on rainy days, we did produce
    Two Nobel Prize Winners – people we complain too damn much. Get out there and help
    with some of the cleaning. Some buckets, Lotion, Brooms, Spray Disinfection: I give up.


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