Teenage Female Dies By Suspected Drowning At Vieux Fort

A teenage female died by suspected drowning Sunday near the Vieux Fort seaport, Marine Police officials have confirmed.
The deceased has been identified as Augustina Lionel, 18, of Pierrot, Vieux Fort.
According to reports, she was in a kayak that capsized.
Two other persons were said to have been with her at the time.
It was reported that Lionel attempted unsuccessfully to make it to the shore.
The  incident occurred about 5.00 pm on Sunday, according to emergency officials.
An investigation is currently underway.


  1. Lies lies… Give a proper account… If it takes half n hour to get to the place walking n half n hour to get back to ambulance … That can never be true… One time she was on rocks another time boat turned over… Dead man tells no tales… Let’s hear it

  2. All of yourl can swim, yourl going n take the person child at her home bring her by beach make her go on karyak n yourl no she cah swim. ARREST THEM

  3. Please law enforcement officials investigate this as a crime until proven otherwise, it could be my child, your child, remember one Mother’s cry is all Mother’s cry, today for you tomorrow could be me, so until it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels.
    I felt the sting of death 3 times now and trust me it’s something I don’t want anyone to feel especially a mother a child a sibling or a husband. Death has a sting that hurts to your core.


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