Friday, January 24, 2020

Teenage ‘Sex Slave’ Rescued In Castries

A teenage girl who was sought help from a complete stranger in Castries, said that she is a sex slave, the woman who rescued her told St Lucia Times.

The rescuer, an employee of the Castries Constituency Council (CCC), recalled that on Sunday evening about 6:30 the young woman approached her in the Leslie Land area.

The CCC employee, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told St Lucia Times she did not know who the young lady was.

“She came crying for help saying that she needed a place to sleep – lay her head. She had not eaten in days,” the CCC employee related.

She recalled that the teenager was ‘badly dressed’.

“Her eyes were black and blue,” the CCC employee told St Lucia Times.

She said she offered to assist the youngster.

“I took her to my house and gave her food, water, something to drink. But she said she really wanted a place to sleep. So I told her I would assist her in getting a place to lay her head.”

The CCC employee said she went to the Marion Home, which directed her to another institution in Castries.

“Given the nature of how she was dressed and the fact that it was late I decided she couldn’t walk the streets like that, so I gave her some clothing – I gave her extra clothing as well,” the rescuer explained.

“I gave her more food and she ate, then we proceeded to the Faux A Chaud area, but when we reached there we got disappointed because the home there said they could not accept her.”

The CCC employee said she decided that the next best place was the CCC itself.

“I brought her to City Hall and got some assistance from my Chief,” she disclosed.

According to the rescuer, the teenager explained that she had arrived here by boat, having been kidnapped and sedated.

“The place where she was, they were using her as a sex slave – those are the exact words she told me. She was being used as a sex slave and she couldn’t take it any more. She told me her whole body was hurting her, even her vagina and she felt really, really sick. She kept thanking me.”

The teenager was subsequently handed over to Saint Lucia police who are investigating the matter.

Law enforcement officials have told St Lucia Times that the teenager is originally from Venezuela, but lived in Martinique where she had been reported missing.

The youngster had three very visible tattoos on her forehead and face which she said were put there by her captors, a law enforcement official told St Lucia Times.



    • He is saying that men are even bringing women from Martinique shaking his head …. those youths

  1. St. Lucia has VPT vulnerable persons team in the Lamar building on bridge street. Great people work there for all kinds of crimes and injustice against women and minors or men who are abused.

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