Thursday, September 29, 2022

Teenager Among Individuals Charged After Police Find Illegal Guns, Ammunition In Castries

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On Tuesday, May 03, 2022, about 12:00 p.m. officers attached to the Gros Islet Criminal Investigations Department, General Duties and the Special Services Unit, executed a search warrant at a residence in Independence City, Castries.
During the search of the premises the following were recovered:
– One (1) 9mm Beretta Pistol
– Ten (10) 9mm rounds of ammunition
– One (1) AR15 Riffle
– Eighteen (18) rounds of 5.56 ammunition.
The recovery resulted in the arrest of the following individuals:
1. 19 year old Akim Smith of Waterworks Road, Castries.
2. 23 year old Dante George of Entrepot, Castries.
3. 21 year old Nathan Eugene of Monier, Gros Islet.
4. 34 year old Verlan Charles aka Bashment Jacmel, Anse La Raye
They were all charged for Illegal Possession of Firearm and Ammunition and escorted to the First District Court for bail.
The Bail conditions for all defendants are as follows:
1. 9mm Beretta Pistol:
$10,000 cash, suitable surety or land documents.
2. Ten 9mm rounds of ammunition: $5000 cash, suitable surety or land documents.
3. AR15 Riffle: $15,000 cash, suitable surety or land documents.
4. Eighteen rounds of 5.56 ammunition: $5000 Cash, suitable surety or land documents.
Additionally, there are travel restrictions and reporting conditions which each defendant is subject to adhere to. The matter was adjourned to June 2, 2022 for case management.
Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Internet stock image
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  1. @ #The Fox this just goes to show that there are criminals in the RSPF that up to this day not a word. Some wondering why the new gun laws taking so long well… there are other criminals in government offices that worried they get exposed.

  2. Mary Francis all these gund out deh and my officers in the line of danger and our citizens at risk… you not opening your private part and say nothing… Bravo Officers

  3. We need more of these operations. Tell the cops who got the guns and let the search operations continue. The more we get them out of criminal hands, the safer we get. If we had the expertise, we would be able to tell who those guns have killed. There should be no bail for gun possession. Job well done.

  4. How did they allow the criminal murderer to skip jail at the Babonneau prison, later caught in Jamaica still attempting his usual getaway trick – but he did succeed in St. Lucia. Now, is the policeman who was in charge that day, still on the job? (U can’t fool God; y’ll be exposed)

    • Papisho Bail For the illegal Guns and Ammunition .The Pm Spoke about Revising the Laws Governing Illegal guns and Ammunition and up to this day Nothing .F****** alone happening in St.Lucia

      • Vlad, it’s safe to conclude that they are typing one word a day structuring the bill. Everything is taken in jest. Absolutely nothing has urgency as the political parties engage in their orgy of talking pure shate. The time and energy they spend at each other’s throats, would be better spent taking care of serious matters

  5. That’s quite a stash. When will the much hyped gun law become effective? Will it go the way of the much ballyhooed Crime Symposium?

  6. Verlan Charles aka Bashment boy you have your good job making nuff paper at lucelec now you go and find yourself in a shit

  7. Is this a teenager “child” or a teenager “grown up” because I won’t refer to some of these young men riding scooters as teenagers.

    While they may not be adults, the mindset is hardened. Some of them are the very same ones whose mothers had them babysitting at age 4. How do do speak to a teenager like this, if not as a grown up?

    • Sad that we are loosing a generation of young people to criminal activity…I have always stressed that government should implement policies to divert the young from criminal activities…policies such as a six month program teaching National /Civic duty.., pride in Nationhood, the Saint Lucian identify…etc etc…A job well done to the Police but we must have a prevention better than cure approach to this Societal scourge..

      • @Urhhh, god ain’t worth s**t…. Saint Lucia is probably the most religious country in the Caribbean and it appears all that praying ain’t working… religion is no purveyor of morality…look at the history of religion itself and see the depravity it has caused…what Saint Lucia needs are men and women who understands the issues the put into actions plans that solves societal issues… bending the knee to a god that does not give a rat’s A** – because he does not exist – is a waste of time…by the way which god is the real one? The Hindu religion has 33 million gods, others have is your god the right god?…why don’t the god believers ask their god to get off his fat a*** and do something…but I guess they will say, humanity has a choice and god does not interfere in that choice….it’s all hogwash…if humanity look into the beauty of science and the wonders it reveals, one will quickly realise god is just a man-made creation….but if praying to a useless and pointless god comforts you like some placebo, carry on…and god did not come to the rescue of humanity when COVID ravaged millions of innocent lives of both the religious and the irreligious but science did….by the way our Sun will die in about 4-5 billion years time and destroy this solar system and it all will vanish in a mighty blast thankfully we won’t be around to witness that…tell me, which god created that?….and by the way, how does scientist know? Well try using a telescope and see what’s happening in other galaxies in this vast universe…open your eyes and free your mind from this god tyranny…

  8. Thank you. Just disheartened that our young men are getting involved in these kinds of activities instead of directing their energies to worthwhile undertakings to enjoy life and contribute significantly to society.

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