Teenager Among Three Caught Smuggling Contraband Into BCF

A teenager and a former convict were among three males arrested Tuesday morning smuggling contraband into the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF), officials say.

The officials say the three, aged 19, 24 and 34, had cannabis, two mobile telephones and cigarette paper in their possession.

Director of Corrections Hilary Herman told St Lucia Times that over the past few months BCF officers were aware that someone was introducing contraband over the prison fence.

Herman disclosed that as a result, a surveillance team was on standby.

“About 3.45 this morning three individuals came into the compound and introduced several packages of contraband and they were arrested,” he disclosed.

According to Herman, BCF officers recognised that one of the men was a former inmate.

He said the three men whom officers arrested were taken to the Dennery police station.

Herman explained that the prison is currently on lock down and only accommodating drop offs.

He said the BCF is currently working on accommodating virtual visits.

“We expect that will roll out very soon,” Herman told St Lucia Times.

The Director of Corrections pointed out that crown lands and private farms surround the BCF.

He told St Lucia Times that as a result, people cannot be prevented from accessing the area.

However Herman asserted that the BCF officers just need to step up their game.

“There are people with bad intent and we know that as long as there is a demand within the prison walls, you will find someone who will meet that demand,” he stated.




  1. Re: “… the prison is currently on lock down and only accommodating drop offs.” This was technically a drop off. Lol.

    Seriously, then the planning and layout of the prison was poor, as any layman should have considered this risk. Sufficent land, inaccessible to citizens, should have been left around the prison, and fenced, possibly electrically. As long as there are criminals involved, deviant behavior will be the norm.

  2. You hiding all the meat,the enteprenours came from the village of Belair,Besides I think we have to find a better manager for that hotel because the present one is a mental idiot.All the shite always happens under his command,this is a satistical fact.

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