Teenager dead, another injured in shooting incident

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A teenager is dead and another is in hospital nursing gunshot injuries following a shooting incident at Desrameaux, Gros Islet Saturday afternoon, law enforcement officials have said.

Details surrounding the shooting are still being investigated.

However the deceasedĀ  has been identified as 13 year old Rohan Greg Louison.

Rohan Greg Louison

TheĀ  other teenager who was hospitalised has been identified as 19 year old Callis Benjamin.

Benjamin is said to have sustained a gunshot wound to the right upper chest.

St Lucia Times was informed that the shooting occurred about 5:30 pm.



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  1. Omg what’s wrong with those guys its like those mofos shooting any body now like terrorist its good to find out who did that and shoot him or them foul forker to death now every Maji have a gun **** jah

  2. “We gonna Keep homicide under 25” Mr Moncherry ??? Can you give another figure now Mr Commissioner ….

  3. May his soul rest in perfect peace.Not until they start making examples of dem sons of.b it won’t stop bring back the hang man they will definitely reconsider about pulling that trigger….onse you’re being caught with a iligal fire arm you Minimum jail time 35 years and see what happens….right now you’re caught with a iligal fire arm just pay a money and they back on the streets there’s more where it came from….may god be with the family at this time…

  4. So very sad……. a little kid. Lord have mercy and give your people in St. Lucia an eye ? opener as well as the ability to address the direct source/sources of these ongoing issues????.

    Perhaps outside intervention is needed sooner than later. If the authorities in St. Lucia are not able/readily equipped to deal with these ongoing issues seek outside help from countries who are better able to handle.

  5. It is sad really tht child mother was probably just finishing getting her son school stuff and and now she have to plane a funeral

  6. You see Mr. Police Com…. you only have talk like these false prophets we have in the country. UNDER 25. IN YOUR MOUTH. YOU DID NOTHING TO KEEP IT DOWN! tell us now, will you go home, and give another one a try? None of you police, minister, pm. or none of you in power don’t have the wisdom to deal with the present situation that we are in, as a matter of fact, not even the others!

    • Zabo did you or can you do anything
      It’s so amazing how people can blame everybody else when they themselves do nothing. Crime is an issue which affects every country. Some countries record as much as 1000 deaths and they still cannot stop it. It’s a sad situation and may God give these fily strength

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