Teenager Fatally Shot By Police In Vieux Fort

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Law enforcement officials have confirmed that a teenager, identified as Ajani Charlery, has died following a police shooting in Vieux Fort Friday night.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the deceased was seventeen years old.

Details surrounding the incident are sketchy, but law enforcement officials say that the Major Crime Unit is investigating the circumstances.

There are no further details at this time.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. All breaks bounds,and bloodshed follows bloodshed :
    But let no man bring a charge or let no man accuse another !
    Ask and see :
    Can a man bear children ?
    Compassion !
    There was no one to plead your mercy ?
    Though I have no cause to speak against him,
    I still remember him
    Therefore my heart yearns !
    Administer justice !!

  2. Suzette Yardie Let’s See what yoy know go over the Media and say what Happen also be a State witness. If was the Gang members from Shanty Town you wouldn’t say a word .The police you feel you can talk .I am sure you were at your Home when that incident happen .

  3. TRUTH BE TOLD, having a firearm in hand – imitation or not is no justification for the police to kill someone. In such a situation the police can try to apprehend the suspect. The police can only legally shoot if the suspect poses a threat to them or to someone else. And to pose a threat in that instance means that the suspect pointed the weapon at them or someone else or the suspect was going through a series of actions that if not interrupted would have resulted in the discharging of his weapon in the direction of the police of someone else. Even if the suspect was armed with a real weapon and was running away from the police and posing no threat to anyone, the police action would not have been justified. The police are not you and me – they are trained to take risks and to know down to nanoseconds when to pull that trigger. This is why they are held to higher standards than we, the regular citizens and should therefore be held accountable for their actions. Police use or misuse of force all depends on their supervision and leadership. I live in View Fort and will tell you that this unfortunate situation was just waiting to happen. A situation of young and inexperienced officers with POOR leadership being made to feel that they are above the law and accountable to no one. A situation that could have been corrected based on our many complaints of abuses by that group. I emphasize with both families – that of the deceased and that of the officer who fired the fatal shot, for that situation will eternally affect them both. My condolences to the family of the deceased. To the family of that officer I say, a counselor should be his best friend at this moment.

  4. Is someone suggesting that the deceased youth was carrying an imitation firearm? If that’s the case, he was playing Russian Roulette! Few police officers are going first confirm that a firearm in the waist or in the hand of a suspect is “real” or “fake” before taking cautionary action! Too bad that this resulted in the slaying of a minor! (And bear in mind that “minor” in age does not automatically translate into “minor” in criminal actions and tendencies! Of course, we all know the Saint Lucia narrative very well: regardless of whether or not he had an imitation firearm, someone will say “he was a good boy,, but just a little troublesome.”

  5. The Police will not Shoot Delibrately when The police knows that there will be an Investigation .When All the Heavy Firing of Firearms at Shanty Town There was no Such Comments about it .Anytime is the police thats involved in a Shooting all Comments are Negative Why???

  6. Is it true that this was was a criminal? Is it true that he was working for Banan? Is it true tha majority of VF people are happy?

  7. SLT I am so disappointed in you for deleting the comments. I read all of them and not one was inappropriate. Your job is not to defend the police. Actually, your medium should be our voice to let the police and the government know exactly how we feel about their abuse of power and use of force. It it clear that this situation over the possession of an imitation firearm did not warrant the killing of the young man. But when the police are allowed to be a law onto themselves and accountable to no one, situations like to one will always happen. Many of us in View Fort are not surprised by this outcome. It was just a disaster waiting to happen. It’s just unfortunate that this kid had to pay the price for the stupidity of the police in the name of fighting crime. The question remains – who should be held accountable for the actions of this group. Who gave them the notion that they are accountable to no one.

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