Thursday, December 12, 2019

Teenager remanded on sub-machine gun charge

A teenager has been remanded in police custody on charges of possession of a sub-machine gun and ammunition, because there was no court sitting.

According to the police, eighteen year old Kerlan Leon of Gros Islet was found in possession of a TEC 9 pistol and several rounds of ammunition.

He was scheduled to make his first appearance at the First District Court on Friday.

Leon was subjected to a search during a police operation on Chapel Street, Gros Islet,  Wednesday, when the firearm and ammunition were found, it is reported.

An online Urban Dictionary describes the TEC 9 sub machine gun as being ‘pretty much’ the much the modern day Tommy gun.

According to the source, the weapon is used by hundreds of street gangs and terrorists and can easily  be converted into full-shoot auto with up to a 50 round magazine.



  1. I ask…what was he doing with this on his person.
    Did he have a plan to use it….or was he just trying to play a part to fit in.
    Our young people need to wake up tun.
    They must realize that a life of a gangster isn’t worth it. Life is short. ..and all it does is make it even shorter.

    Young people stop hurting your mothers. ..your fathers. .your family. As much as its your choice to live this life your family is very much unhappy and saddened by your choices.

    Well whatever the court decides. boy…you have to take it wee. Hope you learn from this experience. I pray that you do

  2. In agreement. The bigger question – how did such a weapon get to be in the country and available. Surely, I know no gunsmith in St Lucia. Did it wash up on shore, left abandoned by a permitted user – (another big question!!!) stolen. My God!

  3. Lime juice what kind of a dumb question is this .. Smh

    I say lose the keys .. Watch his face!! Even though they say don’t judge a book by its cover … all them little criminals endangering all of us on the streets (Words deleted)

  4. Oh yes now we talking. Is he an assassin? What was he doing with this weapon in him. Maybe he had a jib? Don’t know, just asking. Young men stop, and think. You’ll hurting you’ll families

  5. Ho ho. Who’s his boss? Where can this boy get such a powerful weapon? What was his intention? Just asking. Does he has the job if an assassin?

  6. Send him up u can have it u can do the time .
    MKE an example,so the other will learn ???.these under age children needs to learn the hard way.

  7. Well said decon and his face u can see he was on a track.dem young people the devil has their soul it was botten for.vanity and money.and some are paying for their family governement can stop whats going on its all over the world.they not hearing nothing only killing .stealing.raping and lies.its written in the bible.the end is near who don’t want to believe is dem again.we will say let’s pray for our countries.but some of us are not praying with faith even some priest are with the devil.FATHER put your blessing hands on the world.

  8. They should give him a shot in his leg let him feel what it’s like. To have such a weapon. And to hurt someone with it weather is for money or otherwise. They must feel what someone else is feeling. Whenever they finds you with a weapon make you taste how it feels. And let’s see how that works.

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