Thursday, September 29, 2022

Teenager Reported Stable After Suicide Attempt At Choiseul Police Station

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On Monday, a teenage female in custody at the Choiseul police station was transported to hospital in stable condition via ambulance after a suicide attempt, it has been reported.

The Vieux Fort fire station said it received a call for assistance about 10:10 am, and Crash Fire Hall responded.

Police told St Lucia Times that the Babonneau teenager was in custody for assault with a dangerous weapon after law enforcement officers from Laborie station arrested her Sunday.

Officers said they found the 18-year-old hanging in her cell during their routine prisoner check and called the Saint Lucia Fire Service.

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There are no further details at this time.

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  1. Thumbs up to all the positive comments. The trend of making the victim the villain is slowly changing in St. Lucia. Thank God! Girls who are out on the streets being shunned because they are running away from incest in what is supposed to be home. Victims of rape being made to feel like the slut. And there are also a bunch of married men out there actively on the hunt for young women, because they know that if they are caught, the woman will be the home breaker and the jammett.

  2. The word of God is a fountain of life to turn one from the snares of hell,and knows how to rescue godly men from trails and to hold the unrighteous for the day of Judgement !
    The origin of suicide,comes from all deceit,betrayal, hypocrisie,gossip,
    untrustworthy, front bites and more.
    Since hate has taken the place of love,so then,makes the way for reproach,maliciously talks, with hurl of insultes against confidence and trust,so then comes the Authour-

    Which rather accept the way of life handed to those victimes, which their hopes and faith are destroyed,and follows the corrupt desires of the sinful nature (the devil)then while continue the punishment-
    Their condemnation has been hanging over them and destruction has not been sleeping.
    “See, I lay a stone in St-Lucia,
    a chosen and precious corner stone,
    and the one who trusts in him
    will never be put to shame.

  3. This young lady should be given all the help she needs, to avert future suicidal thoughts. The police should be praised for doing their job which saved this young lady’s life. The church is very much needed in times like the these.

  4. @ No one – your comment makes the most sense. Mental health in St. Lucia is seriously overlooked and needs 100 percent attention immediately. Those of us who have the ability to think and reason clearly should thank GOD and do our best to help others who need help.

  5. In the US even attempted suicide they put out all the person business, at least your’ll didn’t curse the guy out

  6. The person who requested that the photo of the individual be posted, is either severely undereducated and/or completely ignorant. The mindset plus the choice of words alone should speak for itself. I wouldn’t even waste my time to educated that, because it would simply resort to a bottomless argument! Let the troll be trolled!!!

  7. Would you want your daughter/sister/wife’s picture put up for all to see in these circumstances?! Very insensitive. In fact most countries’ media does not report suicide or attempted suicide, as it is a very distressing matter for the families concerned. Instead of wanting to know everyone’s private business and spending too much time commenting, why don’t you actively do something to support people with mental health issues, instead of gossiping about them (and shunning them as I have witnessed). Try empathy for a change…

    • Of what benefit are her name and picture to you? Is she your greatest? Wow … someone has attempted suicide, you’re so preoccupied with getting the related “bragging rights” that you’re unable to wonder what her psychosocial challenges may be, or even what’s in the future for her. What a world we live in: void of empathy 😒

    • We have become desensitized to mental health issues because our society refuses to acknowledge it. It’s time we find it in our hearts to empathize with people who are having difficulties in this crazy world. Why would anyone want the media to publish the name or picture of someone who attempted suicide? Who not ask what mental health options are out there for this young person. Obviously, whatever she experienced was overwhelming and that was the way she saw out of it. It’s time we focus on helping and uplifting our young people (the future of society). I hope she gets the help that she needs,

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