Thursday, August 18, 2022

‘Teething Issues’ Push Back Implementation Of New Bus Fares

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The original July 1, 2022, date for implementing new bus fares has been pushed back, the President of the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT), Godfrey Ferdinand, has announced.

Ferdinand explained that the development was due to ‘some teething issues’.

“The general council has taken the position agreed by the majority of the Presidents both non-affiliates and affiliates to say that the bus fare will be implemented on Monday July 4. That will give the operators enough time to laminate and post the bus fare list on their buses as well as to have the members of the public aware of the prices on the routes “ he explained.

On Thursday, Ferdinand stated that the bus operators would do all the printing and posting of the fares the following day.

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“That would be late afternoon into Saturday buses will have the new fares,” the NCOPT official said.

“We cannot charge unless the fares are displayed. We do not want any issues with the law. We do not want police officers to charge us for not having the fares displayed, so we will have to wait until all the buses have it on them over the weekend and then we will start the implementation on Monday,” Ferdinand said.

The NCOPT President had previously indicated that fare increases would be twenty-five cents, fifty cents, and one dollar depending on the route.

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  1. @Frustrated i totally agree with you Sir Compton handed the PM position down to him on a silver platter he failed because of his in competencies

  2. Hmmm! We are now witnessing stupidity in all its magnificence or is it the tyranny of ignorance. Bus operators are providing a service that the government is unable to provide, and instead of embracing the gesture offered by those private individuals, the government decided to profit from the enterprise by feigning an authority over public transportation. As stupid as they are, Bus Operators got into bed with a clueless partner better known for hindering progress, growth and prosperity. Instead of offering advice to spur growth of the industry, the government opted to charge operators $700. for something called a Route band which is being used to stifle the expansion of the industry. Is the doctrine of Free Enterprise foreign to the St.Lucia government? Isn’t the government of Fair Helen aware that in a free enterprise system as many competitors as willing are allowed to enter and exit the market. Those who find it profitable will stay while those who find it unprofitable will leave. That’s how businesses work. Our government seem to believe it proper to harvest where they have not planted, and more than this, the government seem to think it is uniquely qualified and positioned to determine the operating costs of Bus operators. The government is not a supplier of transportation and makes no meaningful contribution to the industry. The individual Associations should determine the level of bus fare to be paid by commuters. The government can negotiate fare increases with the NCOPT and may even introduce a voucher system to help commuters with their transportation cost. The Bus Operators are running a business which must be profitable if the industry is to grow to its full potential. The advice the NCOPT needs is not available from the government. The NCOPT needs to look beyond bus fare increases. Get proper advice.

  3. WELL the dogs will get it good…haha woooie .this just goes to show the level of respect they have for the people of st.Lucia. something has to be done about salaries because things are not going to look bright for the future.School will be closing and we know how that goes children have to eat they tend to eat more, uniforms need to be purchased, school books just when u think you have budgeted with the so-called pay cheque boom here comes another one. I understand the bus drivers want a raise they are humans too with families but i hope their attitudes become more humbled too in light of this situation. They provide a service it’s better here we both need to work together, its not favors. Passengers to have a struggle some of us have several buses to take just to get home . Beausejour bus drivers are being unreliable 7:00 they want to retreat and we are faced with walking or hiking at evenings . Now i see evening fee. WHAT TIME IS EVENING FOR BUS DRIVERS? BUT SERIOUSLY SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT SALARIES I DONT SEE THIS ENDING WELL AT ALL

  4. King should go on retirement and give up politics. The man is an underperformer. Always promising something at a given time and never seems to deliver. He had promised to deal with the securities. He said he would put things in place to train them as police officers under Chastanet administration– nothing happened. He promised to deal with labour issues. He left office and many cases pending and has not resolved. Now he tackles transport. He promised bus fare will be set by today. He has not address what was the reason for the hold back till Mon. Lots of road works incomplete. That man ia a failed PM and a failed politician. Time to get rid of him.

    • King has always being Incompetent. For someone in politics so long he had nothing of consequence to connect him too. During his tenure as PM we lost 10 years now he is cohorts with the IDIOT I am sorry for us



    • true dat they need to know is the poor ppl that need the most cause they got more kids than the leaders that playing around with us an can afford all their needs an want’s while we suffer

    • I cannot agree more. When are we gonna get a raise on our pay. That’s the solution to all crime, cost of living, poverty you name it. Just raise people pay and watch the difference. We need to come together as Lucians and demand that from our government. This is top priority

  6. What is experienced economically is certainly as a direct result of the reckless spending by the former administration. In my opinion I believe they have adequate funds saved to buy every passenger a news vehicle.

  7. Is this really happening? Mr. King was in the media a few weeks ago stating that the bus fares were changing. The change should have happened on time. This is no complex task like landing a man on the moon. It makes one shudder thinking about such government inefficiency. Terrible.

  8. Make the new bus fares public, post it on government sites, social media and news papers. The public need to know and will make it easier for the Bus Drivers.


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