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Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am

Terrance Gets Passing Grade From Minister

Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has expressed the view that Deputy Director of Corrections, Leonard Terrance is doing a ‘good job.’

Terrance has been Officer in Charge at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) for some three months while his predecessor, Vern Guard, was on vacation leave and since  July has been Deputy Director of Corrections  when Guard vacated the post.

Guard was appointed Superintendent of Prison in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) effective July 2, 2018, on a contractual basis for two years.

Hermangild Francis told St Lucia Times he expects Leonard Terrance to apply for the vacant position.

“But again, this is not the portfolio of  the minister,” Francis explained.

“The Public Service Commission will receive applications and go through them and  decide who is the person who is going to be  accepted as the director,” he stated.

“That is the problem you know, you have a lot of departments under your purview but how much  control or how much authority do you have over these individuals?” Francis said.

He cited the judiciary as an example.

According to the minister, he does not appoint magistrates or judges.

Francis observed that when he has to deal with a judge or a magistrate he cannot do so directly.

He disclosed that he either has to go through the Chief Justice or the Chief Magistrate.

“So there are constraints that you as a minister encounter,”  Francis pointed out.



  1. Why does this man continue to lie to the public. First, he is prejudicing the selection process by announcing a passing grade for Terrance at this point. From then on – a totally waste of time for all other applicants. Second, the public service comprises only stooges and I can assure you that the selectee will be Mr. Terrence, when the interview process is completed. So why waste peoples time to advertise the post. And any way, anyone selected by this man has to be just like he is – dumb!!!!

  2. Peter, if you feel so strongly, why not comment under your real name. After all, you are making a very valid point. Why must Saint Lucians hide behind pseudonyms to make intelligent contributions. Peter, if you had put your name, I would have put mine. Why don’t you set an example ans set the ball rolling for cowards to emulate.

    • Peter’s nephew, it does not matter under which name the point is made – real name, no name or pseudonym. The point is valid is the point. Stop mixing issues.

    • Nephew, you have made my day with your comment and chosen pseudonym! Hahahaha! Maybe if you did comment using your real name, maybe I would us mine also.

  3. Mr liar Francis
    You have a say when you want. I heard it from your own mouth who you recommended for your DPS now you cannot recommend for this one. And you could have requested an acting for the man. Everything knows you are just a waste of time.

  4. Well as long as u all select the best qualified person 4 the job.. N don’t mess it up like the fire service, to confirm a man of yellow completion in that crucial top post, who doesn’t hv a clue, and frustrating a young man who’s highly qualified, n still has to do the job of chief, cuz de appointed chief is a rear end.. So be careful Herman guild..

  5. These statements by a minister of justice are reckless! what a waste! Hermn you think you are smart; hope your technique work!

  6. Any recommendations from the Minister of National Security should be disregarded. This man is nothing but a monumental failure. Remove him from his present position and national security will automatically improve. He does absolutely nothing to help the situation. The man acts as if his position is strictly ceremonial.

  7. I totally agree with your comments Peter. The public service and the politicians are the reason the police force and prisons are performing so badly. There, you are not selected based on competence but on your political affiliation. How sad but true. A good example is the recently installed fire chief. If this was the most competent individual for this position then we as a people are doomed to fail! Shame on the public service and minister Francis. SHAME ON YOU!!!!! For putting this country if that situation.

    A situation now exists in the fire service that to my knowledge has no precedence in this country. A fireman was arrested and sentenced to prison. He served his period of incarceration receiving his full salary, then upon his release went right back to work as if he was on vacation. The public service was written to about the situation and did nothing about it. This is the work of the stooges who control the public service. So do the math uncle Peter- Stooges plus dumb minister equals gross incompetence!!!

  8. Passing grade for what?
    He left BTC a mess and now Hermanguild gives him a passing grade for confirmation into the top post.
    Favors galore… this is St.Lucia where we are happy!

  9. A passing grade is nothing to shout about. It’s either a C or a D. A passing grade is certainly not anything outstanding. It’s a grade that Terrence should be embarrassed about.Just like you should be unhappy when your daughter comes home from college with a bare pass.

  10. The newly appointed CFO recently went on a crisis management course in the USA, this is the man who run away from everything b4 it even reaches crisis proportion, as shaky as a leaf.. Y didn’t he let the men who knows how to face crisis head on, n put up a winning battle go 4 it? I’m speaking from a fireman’s prospective, n I’m telling st lucians that our fire department is in crisis.. So please put the most competent persons to run those 3 very critical n sensitive departments, fire, police n prisons.. Don’t put rear holes in those positions bcuz of political affiliation..

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