Thursday, October 6, 2022

Terrified Coolie Town Residents Urge The Authorities To Take Action Against Crime

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In the aftermath of Sunday’s bloody gun violence that left three people dead and five others wounded, terrified residents of Collie Town in Marigot have called on the authorities to take decisive action against crime.

While admitting that the police responded quickly to the shooting report, residents believe they can do more.

One man who spoke on condition of anonymity declared that crime in Saint Lucia had reached an uncontrollable point.

“Right now everyone will talk after few weeks – no one arrested until someone gets killed again. The authorities need to step up and they know where the guns are, they know where the gangs are. They know everything. Take control. Innocent people getting killed. That’s the worst thing about it,” the resident asserted.

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He noted that the shooting was bad for business because bars and a supermarket operate in the community.

One woman bluntly declared that the police were not doing their work.

“They respond quickly when they heard about the shooting, but when the girl was saying ‘Look the car that drop the people there’ they didn’t,” she told reporters.

The woman said the shootings had sent shockwaves through the community, unaccustomed to such events.

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  1. Thats a Mass Crowd Shooting its a Terrorist Act .The Authourities should have Delt with These Mass Crowd Shoofing from Years gone by .It never Happen tahts why these Thugs Continue on these shooting Rampage .No arrest from Years

  2. Any shooting from these unlicensed firearm that resulted in more than one death should be considered a Terrorist act and should attract the death penalty,.

  3. There is a deep rooted moral rot in St Lucia.
    It started to gain momentum with the SLP pronouncements and behaviour in the 1980s up to today.
    They glorified the drug fueled ghetto culture -hense the weed fueled murders.
    Just look at the composition of this administration and the followers of the characters in ministers roles. We look at the loss of the US visa as nothing of consequence in spite of the ramifications.
    Look at the vicious vindictive racist SLP campaign of 2016 to 2021.
    This country is now infested with an evil immoral view of life manifested throughout. Watch how our women dress. Listen to the vulgar language. The degrading of our once lovely lilting patois. From a musical language it has become a rude dirty expression of life.
    All these murders are just the outward expression of a declining society.
    Money is the only currency. How you get it is irrelevant. Drugs money laundering murder theft bobol prostitution are all rampant.
    Besides being the source or fermentors of this way of life the SLP are also clueless managers
    As I said 7 months ago for all the above reasons it will only get worst.
    How can the authorities take decisive action. The police are either corrupt or turn a blind eye to corruption. The political leaders are involved in all kinds of questionable activities and are individually individuals you should not want in your home.
    Lord help poor St. Lucia.

    • Weed cause murders where you hear that what school you go to instead you say alcohol the main dish in Lucia you blame crime on a plant boy your an ass log off

    • @Lydia Pierre i agree and also the Barre St Joseph road that crap is deplorable an ambulance cant even go up there to get someone in time but that place is full of labour and that seat is always won but they never fix the road for them bunch of rubbish but he wont fix it cause is in his big range rover that have big tires he passing in so he wont feel the pain

  4. Quote:- “they know where the guns are, they know where the gangs are; they know everything.”
    Since a bystander knows that they know, and according to her, she sounds quite convincing, my question is, why has something not done sooner? God help St, Lucia.

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