Texas: 2-year-old fatally shoots himself

NBCDFW:-  Investigators say a 2-year-old East Texas boy has died after accidentally shooting himself with a pistol he apparently found while visiting relatives.

Cherokee County Sheriff James Campbell said foul play was not suspected in Thursday night’s shooting at a house near Rusk.

Campbell said the victim, whose name wasn’t immediately released, and his 1-year-old brother were with their mother visiting family. The sheriff says several adults were at the residence when the boys walked into a bedroom.

The adults a short time later heard a loud noise.

Campbell said the 2-year-old apparently located a pistol, picked it up and the gun fired. He died of a gunshot wound to the neck area.

The sheriff said the death was under investigation.

Rusk is 150 miles (241.39 kilometers) north of Houston


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