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Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am
Updated on July 6, 2020 4:47 am

Texas Cop Who Killed Woman In Her Home Charged With Murder

A Texas cop who fatally shot a woman who was in her home  on Saturday has been charged with murder, US media reports say.

According to NBC News,  the records show that former officer Aaron Dean was being held at the Tarrant County Correction Center.

He had earlier turned in his resignation.

Interim Police Chief Ed Kraus was quoted as saying at a news conference that had Dean not resigned, he would have been fired.

“I would have fired him for violations for several policies, including our use of force policy, our de-escalation policy and unprofessional conduct,” Kraus declared.

In a reaction to news of the murder charge,  Lee Merritt, the attorney for the family of the woman who was shot dead by the officer tweeted about  the need for vigourous prosecution and appropriate sentencing.

Atatiana Jefferson was shot dead in her home

Atatiana Jefferson, 28, was shot dead on Saturday after a concerned neighbour summoned the police when he saw her door was open.

Officers searched the perimeter of Jefferson’s house and saw “a person standing inside the residence near a window,” Fort Worth police said.

According to CNN, in heavily edited body camera video released by police, then officer Dean can be seen pointing his weapon at the window and yelling “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!”

The US Television network said Dean did not identify himself as an officer and two seconds later, he fired through the window.

The incident has evoked memories of the fatal shooting of Saint Lucian native, Botham Jean in Dallas in September last year.

Botham Jean (l) and Amber Guyger

Amber Guyger, then a police officer, fatally shot an an unarmed Jean in his own apartment claiming that she mistook the apartment for hers and believed that he was an intruder.

Both lived on different floors of the same apartment complex.

Guyger was charged with murder and recently jailed for ten years.


  1. This is becoming a bad habit,the whole police force need to have a intensive training and laws have to fall heavy on these tipe of incidents.But the rules of engament have to change and be inforced, You cant put the excuse that she had a gun,when in Texas,everybody is allowed to have a gun and carry it.

  2. Sad sad. Don’t those Gestapo ever shoot white people? It sound almost like the extremist Islamic terrorists whose sole purpose in life is to kill an innocent person or as many as possible. This is KKK stuff. Have they claimed responsibility yet?

  3. In the words of DJ Khaled “Another one” To all the jackasses who believed it was Ok to hug and kiss and forgive and sing Kumbaya after Botham Jean Trial instead of sending a clear message that Black people will not be slaughtered like pigs at the hands of the police all I have to say to them including the brother and father (mommy was a little more militant ) if you spit in the sky it will fall in your eyes.

    • Lucian Highgrade , the anger you have in your heart that you learned from your mother, will always hold you back from being closer to god and the understanding that those close to god have. If you truly cared about black people you would speak up about the issues that are affecing blacks example the destruction of the family. I hope you can one day let go of this anger and emotions that are causing you to behave like an illogical female, and be a man who uses logic and reason.

      • Another one !!! Yes I will let go When White People are suffering the same injustice as Black People at the hands of the police. When and where have you seen this happen to White People ??? No you don’t know !!! How many such incidents has happen in Texas SINCE JUNE 2019 ??? No you don’t know !!! Black People are the greatest people on the earth you talking about God you think God made us to be weak ?? Maybe your God made you that way. When Black People already master open heart surgery studied the galaxies, astronomy, and mathematics White People were nothing but a bunch of worthless Visigoth over in Europe. Mankind was derived from Black but when you don’t know of or educate or appreciate ones self worth then your school of taught will make you the deck deck that YOU now see in the mirror. Speaking of logic pray tell, my God raise in the East and set in the West every day. Without him nothing is possible on this planet from the food you eat to the very air you breed I see him every day, what does “your God” do ?? What does he look like from your logical point of view ??

  4. Can we have some statistics?
    1. How many “Black” people in Saint Lucia have been Killed by “White” people ?
    2. How many “Black” people in the Caribbean have been killed by ” White” people ?
    3. How many ” Black” people in the U.S. have been killed by “White” cops compared with “Blacks” killed by “Blacks” ?
    4. How many “Black” people in the U.K. have been killed by “White” cops compared with ” Blacks” killed by “Blacks” ?
    Seems like “Black” people are their own worst enemy.
    Why so much hatred in the world ?
    When will we learn to practice love, forgiveness and compassion ?

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