The Advocacy Group Commends Government On Extension Of Barrel Concessions

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Press Release:-  The Advocacy Group applauds the Government of St Lucia on recent actions granting an extension to the original barrel concession regime. TAG had lobbied consistently for an extension beyond the January 31st deadline through the issuance of two Press Releases and publication of numerous commentaries.

We were of the view that given the negative impacts of covid-19 on St Lucians at home and in the diaspora and other associated constraints, there was every justification for an extended concession period.

The Allen Chastanet Administration had provided precedence by granting a nine (9) month period of concessions.

We note that in the Government’s declaration on the extension to the barrel concession period there was an outline of stipulated guidelines referencing customs regulations. This would require members of the public to produce relevant support documents.

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We believe that the Government needs to reflect consistency in ensuring that all customs regulations are adhered to not just by members of the public but also by those in authority including Government Ministers.

The ongoing Rovergate saga comes to mind.

Prime Minister Phillip J Pierre should recognize that the image and integrity of his Government will remain compromised until true Justice is applied in the Rovergate matter.

All political interest must come to the realization that the St Lucian electorate have grown in their sophistication and expectations for Good Governance. The current Government must make an immediate adjustment to its approach in relation to this new paradigm.

The recent reckless and unacceptable behavior of Hon. Richard Frederick, who is a junior
Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister demands firm action by Prime Minister Pierre.

Mr. Frederick’s recent untethered actions are both shameful and embarrassing of one who holds high office. The conduct of the February 1st session of Parliament which also featured the previously referred to Minister and Hon. Stephenson King exhibiting weighted “excesses,” was viewed with dismay and abhorrence by many St Lucians.

The Advocacy Group is committed to a watchdog role in furtherance of its mission. In the case of Rovergate, we will continue to shine the light for full justice on this matter.

TAG will in the coming days circulate an extensive and comprehensive article on Rovergate.

The group has also launched a weekly commentary feature every Wednesday called: “The Rovergate Files”.

The commentaries are scheduled at 9:30am on Sky FM and are available via social media circulation.

TAG can be contacted via email: and WhatsApp: 1758 714- 1996.

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  1. If there was any question as to the motives behind TAG, there you go. Commending the gov’t on extending barrel concessions then going off on a political tangent. This is a political advocacy group and I will not take them seriously.

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