Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Advocacy Group Renews Calls For Extension Of Barrel Concessions

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Press Release:–  The Advocacy Group reiterates its call first made in November, 2021 for an extension to the traditional Christmas Barrel Concessions. There is every justification for an extension to the deadline given the negative impact and hardships due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

TAG understands that a number of persons have been unable to maximize on the benefits from the barrel Concessions due to set backs in the system due to constraints brought about on account of the prevailing pandemic.

Our previous calls for an extended barrel concession regime was suggested out of recognition of the obvious hardships due to the pandemic and related constraints. In our November Press Release we cited the following:

– Availability of goods due to
shortages and supply issues.
– Delays in transportation due to
human resource limitations because
of the impact of covid-19.
– Significant increase in the price of
many commodities as a result of
market dynamics.

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The Advocacy Group is a diverse and dynamic cadre of resource persons and intellectuals who share a visionary outlook of good governance, transparency, quality service, integrity and accountability.

Group members comprise: community activists, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, development economist, political activists, students, development workers, youth leaders.

– Delays caused by current
congestions in shipping and
transportation routes generally.
– General increase in cost of support
– Reduction in purchasing power due
to shortfall in personal income.

These constraints listed above were all very obvious and predictable. We are hoping that the Prime Minister and his Government will exercise some sensitivity and compassion and accede to our call for an extension of the deadline for Barrel concessions.

There is no doubt that an extension would be greatly appreciated by St Lucians at home and in the diaspora who have had to contend with the ravages of the covid-19 pandemic.

We do hope that good sense will prevail and that the Phillip J Pierre Government will in the
coming days effect an extension to the period for the barrel concessions before the deadline of of January 31st, 2022.

A decision to grant an extension to the barrel concession period would be in concert with a similar measure taken by the Allen Chastanet Government at the onset of the pandemic when a nine (9) month barrel concession period was approved.

Mr. Prime Minister this is an opportunity to apply truth to the mantra of “Putting people First” by granting an extension to the barrel concessions.

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Editorial Staff
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  1. I’m in agreement for a extension it is much needed it will not hurt them if they do .and January if his a government for the people as he said I think he should

  2. @Nancy, think outside the barrel, there are alternatives like large cargo bags. Don’t let the shortage of barrels deter your shipment. Because things are going to get harder with the increase in prices, am seeing and feeling it already at the tills.

  3. the extension is well warranted- not only due to the facts mentioned in the article but also due to fact that people cannot even get an appointment to clear their barrels through slaspa/ customs. Besides, its aligned to ” putting people first” right?

  4. The call for an extension is a worthy one. Under the previous government the concessions lasted for almost a year. It’s time to put St. Lucians first.

  5. I agree for an extension of the barell concessions. I am trying to ship from england to st lucia but have had to delay because of a shortage of the barrel drums. I have no choice but will miss the concession free deadline.

  6. Who the “written house” is TAG? Whom are they advocating for? Are they hiding their identity? Who are the members of this group? I sense that they are an arm of the UWP.

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