Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Advocacy Group Requests Richard Frederick Apology Over Verbal Abuse

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Press Release:- State Actors and lawmakers in St. Lucia have a legal duty to comply with the terms of the International

Human Rights Conventions that St. Lucia has ratified or acceded to. St. Lucia has a legal obligation to protect ALL women and girls from ALL forms of violence and abuse.

What is Verbal Abuse:

It is a type of psychological/mental abuse that involves the use of oral language, gestured language, and written language directed to a victim. Verbal abuse can include the act of harassing, labelling, insulting, scolding, rebuking, and or excessive yelling towards an individual.

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TAG is abhorred by the vitriolic, vile, and persecutory tone recently exhibited by ‘Honourable’ Richard Frederick, Junior Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, responsible for Housing & Local Government in addressing a simple message of sympathy and well wishes offered by a daughter of St. Lucia to a Son of this land.

So loathsome was the attack that TAG feels compelled to call on all the women in the
Labour Party-led government, whom many St. Lucian women voted for, not excluding the women Senators, especially Lisa Jawahir SLP Communications Director and self-proclaimed advocate for the vulnerable, and marginalized women and youth of this country, and Alvina Reynolds, former Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, to publicly denounce and distance themselves from the Minister’s attack on a private female citizen.

This type of attack should never be allowed to happen or excused at any level much less at the level of a Government Minister. This type of behaviour displayed by Mr. Frederick appears to be a common behavioural trait that is embedded in his personality.

Mr. Frederick must know nonetheless that by virtue of his office as a Minister of Government he is expected to display a level of decorum that is consistent with the honour of that office.

Since his appointment as a Minister of Government, Mr. Frederick continues to act with impunity and disregard for the office which he now holds, bringing disrepute, as is his wont, to the office of the Prime Minister.

The recent debacle in which the Minister launched a vicious and vulgar attack on a
female social media personality has been condemned by many.

We all recall the acerbic and caustic remarks spewed at other women such as Kernisha Flavien – former PRO of the United Workers Party, and Minerva Ward – political activist, to name a few.

If this is the attitude of one who holds office in the upper echelons of power, what do we expect from the common man? This is the type of behaviour that only serves to perpetuate and entrench the culture of disrespect and abuse that women have been subjected to over the years.

The memories of Mary Rackliff, Verlinda Joseph and more recently Kimberly de Leon, remain all unsolved and bitter memories. We are aware that domestic violence and intimate partner abuse have been on the rise since the pandemic started as victims were forced to spend lengthier than normal periods with their abusers during lockdown which is now referred to as the silent pandemic.

Globally, there is an expectation that Governments would do all in their power to cushion our women and girls from the abuse of their male partners. Observing, and tolerating this level of verbal abuse perpetrated by none other than one who was elected to serve and protect is objectionable!

TAG issues a call on behalf of the women, and girls of this country that Minister Richard Frederick issue an apology by the end of the workweek. This request is on account of the egregious and flagrant exhibition of conduct by a Minister, who in his private capacity proclaimed to be the bastion for St. Lucians regardless of colour, creed, or political affiliation.

We recall the July 2020 incident in which US Congressman, Ted Yoho was forced to issue an apology to a fellow Congresswoman because of abusive remarks. The Advocacy Group is committed to pursuing this matter further by lobbying relevant international organizations in order to secure their support and advocacy. This will be undertaken once the requested apology is not forthcoming.

We expect better from our leaders. St Lucia expects better. Our women demand better from Mr. Richard Frederick. We await your apology not only to the social media personality in question but to the women of St Lucia.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. My dear Dr. Kenny Anthony, please for the love of St. Lucia, do not let things deteriorate any longer before you step in, as a senior statesman, you still maintain some measure of credibility with the citizens, so why don’t you have a little word with the P.M.
    I will not tell you what to say to him, but you get my drift; enough is enough, the present government with six months in power, with this man in a senior level in government have done more to discredit the good name of the Island than any man or government combined, so good Doctor, do something now.

  2. What I see is two public figures in Richard and this sohria setting a bad example for the young people. The lady in question is obviously a political operative who is insulting both the prime minister and Richard… She uses derogatory terms to describe them both… Richard as a minister should not stoop to her level but as his personality will not allow her to get away with what she says… he falls into the trap. I don’t follow politics but I think these two adults need to think of the young people….

  3. This is downright ridiculous and laughable. Whoever penned this had way too much time on their hands. How convenient it is to pull out the “female gender abuse card” when the same names mentioned in your article have said very vile things openly on social media and talk shows with the use of expletives. Give me a break…..take this piece of garbage down.

  4. Seriously, the previous articles from The Advocacy Group(TAG) could be taken somewhat seriously because it was about relevant topics affecting the country’s welfare but this? This a public spat between individuals, the same people they are seeking apologies for attacked Richard Frederick relentlessly, is he not allowed to fight back? This article exposes exactly what the TAG is another mouth piece for the UWP, their first article was on October 25, 2021 questioning the Government approach to return to physical classrooms. This “Advocacy” group just magically appeared three months after the elections, seems sorta of convenient doesn’t it? Where was this advocacy group for the Wipay scandal?, the pajoah letter , the radical investments 7.3 million scandal and the former pm treatment of a certain female journalist?

  5. This group can be effective if they not only stand up for women but also for men. Everyone goes through some form of abuse at some point in their lives. Wrong is wrong and right is right no matter what. Stand up for the truth and learn to stop talking about irrelevant issues.

  6. As Dr Anthony said the worst thing happened to st lucia politics is Richard Fredrick..The man is a skunk man demonic will bring st lucia down to her knees and everyone leaving there..pjp I’m very disappointed in you..Richard Fredrick is very unhappy hatred man

  7. I am very curious as to the teaming of the acronym TAG. I don’t want to make any assumption so please someone help me. First of all, this press release is abhorrent, very poorly written. The usage of words convey no meaning whatsoever. The sentences are disjointed and incoherent. The writer created a fruit salad, combining everything together. He /she writes in vague generalities. The only person in St. Lucia who could write as badly is Chastanet, lord of the lies.

    I am virtually convinced that TAG was a group of doctors – psychologists and psychiatrists – making a comprehensive diagnosis of Richard Frederick mental state: “This type of behaviour displayed by Mr. Frederick appears to be a common behavioural trait that is embedded in his personality.” Is that the modus operandi of TAG?

  8. That article in itself is an abuse mentally
    Be fair in your assessment of things. Minerva ward and kenisha aren’t any better than him. The number of persons they have both verbally and mentally abused is nauseating.

    If you want to start a movement be fair. Don’t go calling out the minister. He said nothing to Sohria. Did you watch her video of how insulting she was to Richard Frederick? Did you hear the name calling. She even took a swipe at her sister and Angel.

    Sore losers uwp, a word of caution. Dont go forming groups and call out us women to stand in solidarity with you all when you are hacks and have a personal agenda. That group won’t stand the test of time.

  9. What pisses me off is the “sudden urge ” to develop this morall backbone….Their newly founded “Critique of Judgment” is soley based retrospectively on The “Façade” Rovergate. It will be interesting to see, and watch if in the light years future, one day (God forbid) they claim to fame is, they will still be guided by this newly found Moral Compass they have developed.

  10. Advocacy group or no advocacy group, this man is a tyrant; his demeanour alone shows what’s embedded in that little mind of his. He is nasty, and I was told so many years ago. he should be censured, but yet by whom? the man is such a manipulator, he made sure he had every elected SLP member in his pocket, starting with the Queen, Jufalli and PJP. Who is to raise his/her voice against him? take a good look at the rascal; St. Lucia will suffer whatever is left of its reputation, don’t think for a moment, potential investors are not watching. God is watching.

  11. Here we have the politicians playing politics with the people again and the people falling for it.

    TAG, if you want to have any credibility disclose who is behind this entity and your true motives.

  12. I Still cyah understand how a woman can leave their homes and vote for DAT. All u know what he is known for and yet still voted for him RIDICULOUS. So take what u all get. Don’t worry Ppl like him tend to spend years unhappy internally and suffering from all kinds of illness. Am sure all now he sick.

  13. Dem slp hacks does relly mek de party tun dem unto fools u no. De man verbally atteking women left right and center and dat eh nuttin. To mek it wors he is ah big govement mincester a gain. How can he stupe so low on de woman and even other women too. And de ting dat trobli me a bout dis is de fact dat everyone always fraid of chalengin he. people always talkin bout he go dis and dat, he go send boys dis and dat and da lis goes on wen any one talks bout he or menshons he name. Is unt he a govment mincester so why mus everyone be so fraid. to me is criminal mun does be fraid of so and not mincester. slp were we goin, uwp were we goin, pip were we goin, Centrel were we goin, St.Lucia were we goin wit dis type of Rep and Mincester.

  14. honestly i belive this article is a bit biased, men go through abuse as well if not these very same ones, it may not be as prevalent like women but it still happens to men they just tend to keep it hush, also what really is an apology? anyone can just issue an apology that does not mean anything but just words and just give them what they want to hear and move on with life. i think a fine would be better or both

  15. Them people so hyporcite. When minerva and kernisha was calling the man all sorts of names yall were not saying shit, But as the man is a Junior Minister in the PM’s offfice, yall want to open yall butts and saying yall condeming it? Make sense out of nonesense. Yall acting like men don’t get verbally abused to so why all this noise when it comes to women? If anything kernisha and minerva deserve what was said about them cause they constantly harrass people and yall eh telling them stop what they doing!! The two most hated women in st lucia. Margie!!! The UWPs like to target people and bring up things to use it against people!!

  16. First time hearing about this group. Can someone educate me on who this group is, what they represent and who are the people involved. Just seems like there is an agenda. This piece would be a lot more relevant if it did not read like a vendetta against the said individual. While I do agree with some of what was said ,the story seems incomplete. Need some more context to what was said and precipitated what was said, especially where politicians are involved.

  17. “The advocacy group” is only a moniker for the UWP. They are too ashamed to have people know of the association! The Crow has spoken.

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