Friday, September 30, 2022

‘The Devil Is Wreaking Havoc On Our Nation’

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After a stabbing in Dennery which left one man dead on Sunday, the victim’s brother has expressed concern over the society’s apparent general lack of self-control and inability to resolve conflicts peacefully.

According to reports, thirty-nine-year-old Neil Harper, also known as ‘Lucas’, had an altercation with another male who fatally stabbed him over the payment of $200.

Curtis Mathurin, the deceased’s younger brother, lamented that people do not seem to control themselves, and life seems to have no value to some individuals.

“In terms of killing somebody over $200, that’s the society we have become now. The devil is wreaking havoc on our nation,” Mathurin told St Lucia Times.

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He said he heard reports that people on the scene had offered to pay the money, but the other man in the altercation with his brother was not agreeable.

“At the end of the day what can you gain from killing somebody for whatever you killed them for? You go to prison,” he explained.

While admitting that his deceased brother was ‘very troublesome’ and had issues with alcohol, Mathurin nevertheless noted that he loved his sibling, who was a good person at heart.

“People may say he was a ‘jumbie’ but I know deep within my heart he was my brother. I treated him like a brother. Wherever he saw me he would say ‘Oh my brother, my brother’ and the people would ask me ‘Is this your brother for true?’ and I would tell them ‘Yes it is my brother’. I never neglected him because of his condition or the way he was. I treated him as my brother and I really loved him as my brother,” Mathurin expressed.

And despite mourning the loss of his brother, Mathurin spared a thought for the alleged perpetrator, whom he described as a young man in his twenties.

“I am really feeling it for his family although I have lost my brother,” he told St Lucia Times.

He also expressed concern over what would now happen to the rest of the young suspect’s life and urged people to think before and not after acting.

“I think the country needs to do a lot when it comes to conflict management. There should be some programmes in the different communities to help with this situation because young people don’t seem to be able to control themselves and manage conflict. It is very, very sad,” Mathurin expressed.

Police say they have arrested one suspect in connection with the stabbing death of Neil Harper, alias Lucas.

Headline photo: Neil ‘Lucas’ Harper

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