Wednesday, September 28, 2022

The Earl And Countess Of Wessex Arrive In Saint Lucia

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Their Royal Highnesses, The Earl and Countess of Wessex arrived in Saint Lucia on Friday, 22 April via a British Airways flight at the Hewanorra International Airport, Vieux Fort.

They were welcomed on arrival by Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire and Ambassador to CARICOM and OECS H.E. Elma Gene Isaac.

On the tarmac, Their Royal Highnesses were greeted with renditions by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Band and Royal Salute by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force with inspection of the Guard.

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The Earl and Countess of Wessex later made their way to the capital Castries, where courtesy calls were made on the Acting Governor General, H.E. Errol Charles at Government House, Morne Fortune and the Prime Minister, Hon. Philip J. Pierre at his official residence at Vigie.


Source: Government Information Service

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  1. Bob Marley sang if you know your history then you will know where you’re coming from, and you wouldn’t have to ask me who de hell do you think I am, I saw very little protest just a handful of Rastas who came down to Fond Doux.. I say down with the colonial masters who relied on the labor of enslaved Africans. st Lucians are not celebrating the queen jubilee, but demanding Raparation!!

  2. I last commented about 9 months ago because my comments were not being published. This is my third comment this week and the same thing is happening

  3. What a country that we are living in. Every other Caribbean country had protest for Royal visit except St Lucia. Funny right! I know for a fact that if UWP was in power Frederick, Helaire, IPA, Decares and others would have been protesting. Where is Alexander and all his calls for reparations. That’s the divisiveness that Helaire and Frederick instilled in us. So the White Man is good when SLP is in power but not so with Chastenet. These same white people Helaire was begging to send back to their country cause they were bringing covid to us today he embraces them with his fake grin. St Lucia will always remain a backward country because too many fools can fool us

  4. I had never seen a more shocking answer to a simple question like the one you got. This just goes to show our backwardness and blind political allegiance. I have never asked the question but I often wondered whether he was married. Every PM before, even King that was labeled a backrider appeared at official functions with a lady. So far I have not seen a Mrs Pierre and I really needed to know like you.

  5. There were no protests but I bet you if UWP was in power SLP & the NGP would definitely join the band wagon like Belize & Jamaica. These two parties and supporters love talking about massa and if Chastanet was still PM at the time of royals visit you would see placards and negative talk all over talk shows about them. Chastanet and the royals together. But it is SLP administration and their black PM a.d black ca inet of ministers that receive them and all is seen well and lovely. UK outlets have reported that St Lucia receive the royals with open arms. Hypocrisy at the highest level here. Politics is in everything now these days.

  6. @HN.
    Yes I watch all the locals, police, tourists etc going around with no masks not social distancing……….I’m not sure if we should be doing this or not?
    Doesnt say much if the PM and Royalty couldn’t care less.

  7. So @ HN because peoole are not doing the right thing, the leaders must not? Are you saying that at your home you do the wrong things because you children do them? Is that the type of leadership ypu know? If the people you lead don’t do the right thing, then the leader should not do it? Wow @HN how much more idiotic can you be?

  8. Massa you come ?? Yes Massa, Right away Massa, no madam I will make sure it clean. You lead Massa we will follow. How is her Hiness Massa ?? We still clean the land for her. Sorry the people elect a Negro as PM Massa please don’t punish us, we know the Shabbin was near and dear to you, but the Negros are revolting sire’ they want to deside their own destiny , they are difficult to contain Massa, fortunately we still have many House Negros amongst us Sire’ that are still willing to enforce her Hiness Doctrine. Yes Massa we will get the doctrine to a good House Negro at the Star Newspaper he will get the word out

    • @Lucian highgrade. How nice it is to hear how all blacks should address their superiors. It is a talent long bred out of our black subjects. We need to correct this poor upbringing of our island Nidgers. Come to heel little black boy.

      Your prince and owner,

      • I do not like Lucian Lowgrade at all. But you will be put in your place. Did your doctor diagnose Dik Envy Syndrome ? You ought to check with her on that because you my dear sir are exhibiting all the symptoms of DES.

    • Your ex PM was married before so his wife wasn’t first lady either….miss rackel was second lady. So drink water and mind your business salty cracker

      • Huh? What are you talking about? I asked a question and you responded with something completely different. You must be one of those overlyeducated, yet foolish young woman.

    • @Matthew….it’s elucidation. Your question was stupid and irrelevant and you were trying to be sarcastic. At least our prime minster never had a failed marriage like the ex PM. Again rackel was second wife….second lady …. clown ….second, second, second….first lady? NEVERRRRR

      • Huh, what is wrong with you? Do you have a serious problem? Why do negative minded women like you always see everything as an attack? What is sarcastic in my question and why is my question causing so much problem. You are a negative person who needs help. Gosh man! You are a foolish little girl.

      • Huh? I am yet to understand any of the nonsense coming from you. You are only assuming that everyone on here is St. Lucian.

        I still dont see the issue with my question.

        Whenever there are royal visits, Prime Ministers usually greet with their wives. But you nonsensical, small minded and negative creature cant see it because you need to go on period meds.

    • Yes he is married. I am surprised he is not accompanied by his wife. Not sure why anyone has taken offense to you asking that question. And also bringing up the fact that the ex pm has been divorced. Complete foolishness. And also gaslighting.

  9. @Juebag how many saint lucians are respecting the protocls??? so before you post your idiotic comments may be you need to check what’s going on in you front yard.

    • The masks are only for you …pleb. you masters do not abide by the same rules. They are above you, they are better than you, you are in the gutters they are in the castle. Do you think your life matters to them? No, all that matters is that you work and pay taxes, your existence is worh nothing more to these people.

      • What’s on Table Talk?

        Compensation for slavery?
        Equality for all?
        New World Order … ‘Sustainability’?

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