The Earl & Countess Of Wessex To Visit Saint Lucia

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Their Royal Highnesses The Earl and Countess of Wessex will arrive in Saint Lucia on Friday 22 April as part of a visit to the region, which also includes visits to St Vincent and the Grenadines and Antigua and Barbuda.

With Saint Lucia as a base, their Royal Highnesses will visit the three Countries from 22 April to 28 April.

While in Saint Lucia Their Royal Highnesses will visit various landmarks of historic and touristic value, attend a church service as well as an Investiture Ceremony for recipients of the Queen’s Birthday Awards, with medals being presented by The Earl of Wessex.

The Earl and Countess will have the opportunity to meet with community leaders, local entrepreneurs, cultural practitioners and the youth, with whom they will dialogue.

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The visit forms part of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year activities.

Source: Government Information Service

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  1. Wow; am I really reading some of the comments that my fellow St Lucians have posted. Is this where we are in 2022??
    Firstly I agree with the xommebt about removing the queen as the head if state in order to be fully independent but that will start the argument about the queen’s chain so I guess I will leave that one for now… But to address the actual comments as I whole I’ll say this.
    Tourism is and will continue to be St Lucias biggest export. Its what sustains the economy and employs a vast number of people not only in the tourism sector but also in the food / agriculture / fishery sectors, provides employment for workers providing roads & other facilities and more.. The list goes on and on. The revenue we generate from tourism is captured on so many levels and the visible proof is the hard workers on the beaches selling sun chairs and other products. During the main stages of covid so many people struggled and so the return of tourists has stabilised a lot of households.
    The visit by the royals is a mark that St Lucia is a top destination from the UK. Their visit will highlight in the UK press our beautiful nation which will in turn encourage others to visit. This is publicity for us in a way that we attempted to do in dubai. Why the hell are people then throwing racism into it.? I’m looking at the massa and 40 acres comments in particular, do you feel that the 40 acres is coming ?? I didn’t even get the 40 acres my dad died and left me because what is supposed to be family all disgracefully proved that greed was more appropriate than heritage, I’m know I’m not the only one robbed of land in this way.. As for the massa comments… do you want people from outside St Lucia to have the belief that we are some kind of racist savage nation or do we evolve and grow in the way that others countries have done. When the Arab nations and rest of world visit London they are embraced due to their economic contribution… yes the UK also relies on tourism as does much of the world.
    I hope that their visit provides their social followers globally an incite on how beautiful this country is because if your sitting down wondering how our economy can grow and opportunities can then be provided for us and future generations then it’s because of moments like this..

    • T, there are numerous other ways we can generate publicity to St lucia.

      I think you should check the popularity of the Royal Family in the UK over the last few years. They own “subjects” what to do away with the Royals.

      The reason people are maybe rightfully mentioning racism is that they are racist Royals, one their own admitted so and suggested all we be told in an upcoming book.

      So ,if the Royals themselves are admitting they are racist members in the family who are you to suggest people shouldn’t be mentioning racism in their comments

  2. Ok, so, Am not colour blind. So the Trinity Church Road that was fixed is for their church visit at the Anglican Church. Am just taking a wild guess. Oh also the road form Anse La Raye was patched for theri visits to the Historic and Tourist Sites. An just seeing right thru those Poor Excuse and Weak Leaders we have here.

  3. When we (St. Lucia) are visited by these folks who pays for their accommodation, lodging, transportation, security etc.?

    • Unfortunately the host country. Which is why we should remove the queen as head of state like Barbados did…

      • That’s customary for all state visits to any host country… And what Barbados does with itself is their business.

  4. Hopefully they enjoy their stay and Also contribute to St. Lucia by giving back fiscally to the future generations….

  5. And the little black islanders will sing and dance to welcome their masters on their arrival. Look master, we sing for you, we beat drums and dance to impress you. Favour us master, we regard you as superior to our selves because of blood line.

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