Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The Measure Of A Good Citizen By Hervon Henry

What is the measure of a good citizen?
In this region it is a wonderful blueprint for all Saint Lucians to be progressively intelligent about the nature of our society.
As responsible citizens we should be aware of the dangers of public statements which may be loaded and which would tend to justify wrong actions. It would appear however that very few are capable of discerning between what is lawful and what is not.
The use of guns or seeming intentions cannot be considered to be alright because no one, except a psychologist would be able to tell who has  a criminal mind: it is also not by observations.
Everyone should know that the use or possession of firearms or other high-powered guns are allowed security officials , policemen and soldiers, property owners etc.
To deem it a right for one not licensed to carry such a weapon is to put peaceable citizens at risk.
As law-abiding citizens we all have a right to be concerned with questionable behaviour. It would also be erroneous to suggest that such actions are normal in an almost volatile society.
Only a few may recall that 30 years ago a former minister of the John Compton administration had asserted that school children were at that time smoking ganja.
He was however laughed to scorn by even his colleagues, but about seven years later it was discovered that he was right after all.
For peace, harmony and justice we must uphold the law.
Remember that a real gun is made to shoot; it is not a toy.
Already the police and the justice system are under heavy manners to deliver and therefore every right thinking Saint Lucian should endeavour to stand behind our law enforcement officials.
We are in a battle to reduce the incidence of crime and lawlessness, therefore this is everybody’s business.
No doubt our National Security Minister, himself a former top- ranking police officer, Hermangild Francis and the Commissioner of Police, Severin Moncherry, need our fullest support.
The record shows that several young men have died through gun violence, therefore we must all be vigilant in the face of such abnormal activities.


  1. Our young boys want guns to defend their turf,why do they need to defend their turf? what goes on in that piece of turf? big men set the boundaries of these real estates,and provide the tools to keep it safe.Were do we start ?

  2. Well Hervon; we now have a PM and a Minister of national security with no vision for our crime situation, after been blind, they are asleep!

  3. Back in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s guns came from Libya and other leftists countries, (“viva la revolucion”) into this country at the behest and request of politicians at the time. Mr Henry at the time was a young man im sure in his twenties probably thirties so he certainly would have heard about that. What is sad is that a key “player” in that era in our socio – political history, writes a book about the events at that time; and makes himself look like a saint. St. Peter never pelted a stone in his blessed pius Godly life.. This here is the problem with our society …. “HIPPOCRACY”.

  4. Tony thank you for coming out with a piece of truth,I refrained from touching this subject,because we seem to have our history kind of twisted Boy you hit it on the nail,the contamination still survives after all these years,it percolates in the minds of the young that refuse to study the past.Thank you Tony

  5. Dont see the need to bring up some incident which happened eons ago. We have a problem here which we should be focusing on now…not looking for scapegoats…we love bringing politics into everything. Humans are imperfect I’m sure Peter has certainly regretted some of the things that he has done in the past….as do most of us…so let’s stop casting political stones…the problem of crime amongst our youth is real and monstrous….we need to find ways to push them away…it does not have to be the government….the real role models are the parents at home.

  6. We see what is going on these days,all is consequence of what started long time ago.When the big boys sat down and drew the boundaries,divided the country,as they said to avoid clashes When the rules were broken,how many were put down? How blind we are and our lack of memory is pathetic,The lines are still there,many lutenants have passed away others ran,this, never finishes,the money is running.The old guns,some are still hiding,they are outdated now.There are new boys on the block now,big ones medium and small,locals foreigners.

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