The reality of violence

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By Michael Chastanet

Violence is on the rise the world over with some nations fearing better than others based on various inbred cultures.

On the other hand, with the lifestyle changes created by technology and increased unemployment literally millions of youngsters presently remain at home and are developing new ideas from online connections thereby producing a new breed of person.

By working from home, individuals are not able to develop normal interacting skills which we take for granted within the work places. The absence of interaction has the possibility of creating loners who at some stage become individuals with a new mind-set.

At this time, no one can quantify the number of lone wolves in the world but we know for a fact that such persons do exist.

The great US has a population of approximately 360 million with thousands of young to middle age persons working from home, many of whom contribute  positively to society while others do not.

A current example is the Las Vegas episode where a 64 year old male, a virtual gambler/freelancer working from home was able to transfer his skills into a sinister type operation and deprive 60 young persons of their lives and by extension place another 500 at risk with possible mental disorders based on the awful experience endured.

Having recently spoken to a friend who maintained a vacation home in Fortaleza Brazil, I was shocked and horrified to learn that in the first seven months of 2017 nine hundred and forty (940) police officers were killed in that part of Brazil. This resulted in the Brazilian Government having to send in 10,000 military officers to deal with the situation. The underlying cause was drug related where various gangs remain at war with each other to defend their turf.

Crime will always exist, but the complexity of life when jobs remain on the bread line and individuals wish to maintain a lifestyle beyond their means will continue presenting major challenges to administrations the world over.

Added to such stressful situations, we have Mother Nature inflicting a type of punishment on Third World countries which can barely make two ends meet. The industrialised world must take into consideration that small island states must be economically recognised, failing which, what is transpiring in Brazil and the Philippines today where hundreds are participating in drug wars leaving undercapitalised administrations no choice but to respond brutally in an effort to curtail that scourge.

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  1. Die and stay dead, you old vicious Hag. You are doing damage control for your retarded and inept dumb little boy who is ruining this once beautiful island. We don’t want to hear you! Go away!

  2. We can not make excuses for unethical behavior. Times have always been difficult no matter which century you grew up in. There continue to be illegal and legal means of survival. The facts remain the same the choice is yours. However, it is best to remain a person of integrity as life is not easy for anyone. However, there are those who live on illegal gains..,good luck with karma.

  3. Perhaps you and your son have a solution for reducing violent crime in Saint Lucia? If not then stop writing strange articles about violence when you know that charity begins at home.

  4. You’d all be better served by not holding a grudge towards my successes. My son is the only viable answer for reviving this stagnant island. One last thing, please don’t forget to stay at the “Coco-palm” Resort & shop at Super J’s”, Opps! Massy’s, (almost forgot where those buy-out millions came from.)

  5. Lol what (Words deleted)is this?

    So working from home is a cause of violence?? Er… No.

    Drugs and violence are linked. Oh really?!?! Thanks for the education Mr Chastanet, not like everyone knew that or anything.

    And there have been natural disasters. Yes, we know.

    Seriously, why are we giving column inches to this old colonialost??!

  6. What is the gable wood incident. What happened there please enlighten those of us who do not know or might have forgotten

  7. Yes mr Chastenet crime will always exist, in Brazil and where there is very much crime, it is because of their government’s social policies, rime has increased because of the governments social policies, for instance, when you remove the poor vendors who are hustling to make a living, are you not encouraging them to go into drugs. In the United kingdom and France, you cannot find so much crime because of the National Health which is a social policy.

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