Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘There Was Bleeding In His Brain!’

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A relative of the Ciceron bus driver Felix St Marthe who died on Sunday days after reportedly being assaulted by a colleague, has indicated that the postmortem examination on Wednesday found that he died due to a head blow.

“There was bleeding in his brain and it caused blood clots to travel into his lungs which cut off his oxygen and that’s what caused him to die. His skull was also fractured,” niece Tiffany Loctor told St Lucia Times.

Tiffany Loctor

Loctor recalled that after sustaining a blow, her uncle fell onto a domino table and never regained consciousness.

“He went straight into a coma,” she stated.

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And Loctor declared that the heartbroken family wants justice for the deceased father of two.

The niece said the incident demonstrated the need for people to control themselves and think before they act.

According to her, someone killed her uncle with one punch, but that would not have happened had the accused restrained himself.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) is investigating the death of  the 63-year-old Ciceron resident.

According to law enforcement officials, Felix St Marthe was the victim of an assault on April 28, and the CID received a report that he passed away on Sunday at the OKEU Hospital.

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  1. I do hope that after autopsie, post-mortem,he dont tell the familles that it is a piece of that choke him like the man who was found behind the fence opposite beer factory in Vieux-Fort.
    After a heavy rain in the night, was discovered,in the morning, according to passbyers there was no figure at that particulier time at 5 O clock, but yet still witnesses refuse to come and give a statement.
    Thank God for he sees everything and one day will bring Judgement.

  2. i want to know what the uncle did to the guy or said to him that caused the accused to be so infuriated to deliver that deadly punch. also honestly i dont believe it was the punch that did this to him i have never heard of a punch fracturing someone’s skull I think he got punched and knocked out and when he fell on the table his head must be hit that table so hard that it fractured his skull or maybe he hit his head on the ground as well


  3. The article says he fell into a coma and never regained consciousness. Clearly, this indicates that he suffered a fatal blow. In this case a full investigation is warranted.

    • That’s all you read?
      Did you miss “Loctor recalled that after sustaining a blow, her uncle fell onto a domino table and never regained consciousness.”

  4. I eh no ER doctor but to me this kind of medical failure can avoided with proper patient monitoring and pre-determined procedures. Maybe I watch too much TV or maybe this is another sign of our deplorable healthcare system.

    • Did you read this article. Yes put off the dam TV. Because you sound so uneducated. His skull was fractured and he never gained consciousness. Manslaughter killed this man not the healthcare system. As far as I can see someone should be in custody at the end of this and it is not the healthcare system.

      • i think what NOOKS is trying to say is that if there was proper patient monitoring from the time he got admitted to the hospital to the day he died, him dieing from the clots could have been prevented if it could have been if they saw the bleeding in his head cause he did not die one time or maybe they knew all this and just said that nothing can be done except hope for the best cause if he took a MRI doctors should have seen the bleeding and advised the family that hey due to this your family member can get blood clots and maybe die. well thats what i understand from NOOKS comment.

      • We as people have a fundamental issue with managing our emotions- Here an offspring (Read Carefully) of a product of vile solecism between adults has completely discombobulated my opinion despite me admitting my ignorance on medical matters and has convoluted utter muck out of it all. Carry on mate!

    • Just don’t bother going to OKEU if you are hurt. Die in peace at home. Most people who arrive at OKEU with serious injuries do not recover. The doctors barely passed their exams or those who passed, cheated.

  5. You mean that person had some much anger in him even working on a bus stand dealing with so many passengers on a daily bases

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