Thursday, October 6, 2022

“There Was Nothing I Could Do To Keep Him Alive!”

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The distraught sister of stabbing victim Darran Phillip, also known as ‘Goodman’, has recalled trying to stop the bleeding as he lay on Church Street, Anse La Raye last week.

“I went up to him, talking to him – he was not responding to me. Then, I noticed he had blood all over his body,” the sister told reporters.

She said she lifted her brother’s shirt and discovered that he had sustained a stab wound to the chest.

“I cut his vest and his coat open to tried and stop the bleeding. I called the ambulance, but there was nothing I could do to keep him alive,” the tearful sibling of the deceased explained.

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She said she heard he died as a peacemaker, attempting to prevent a situation from escalating.

The sister said she heard he was attempting to ‘separate a fight’ but was unsure about the exact circumstances surrounding the fatal stabbing in a disco in the community since individuals had told her ‘different things’.

“We want justice for him. Guys need to stop the violence and solve their problems better than that. It’s not everything – the knife or the gun. I am so heartbroken right now,” theĀ  sister stated.

She described her brother as a calm, fun-loving individual, declaring that she was unaware that he had problems with anyone.

A male community member who identified himself as ‘Blacka’ asserted that young people in Saint Lucia do not pray enough.

“We thinking that we bad, we have guns, we have knives whatever. But you know nothing lasts forever. All those problems need to stop especially when the guys drink because that’s when it gets out of hand because whenever they drink they feel like superman, ironman, and can do whatever they want. But little do they know that whenever they drink, they are weak,” Blacka told reporters.

He recalled that he had been at the dance hall where the stabbing took place but left because he discerned an ‘old tension’ was there.

Blacka said that his cousin later found him to inform him about the incident.

He expressed that alcohol contributed to what transpired.

In addition, he felt the victim’s life might have been saved had individuals present who had private vehicles rushed him to the hospital.

“The guy was bleeding. They had guys who had ride in Anse La Raye could have just tried and rushed him to the hospital, even if he died on the way,” Blacka said, pointing to the time lapse between summoning an ambulance and its arrival.

“People don’t look out for each other in Saint Lucia,” he lamented.

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  1. Blacka what do the authorities say to us when there is a injured person? dont move them cause you can do more damage than harm. Also i agree that people could have rushed him to the hospital but lets face it no body wants blood stains in their vehicle especially the way this guy was bleeding. I am no doctor but if this guy was stabbed in the heart i dont think he would have made it

  2. When is the right time to find God in your life, was it then, is it now or should we wait when it may be too late, never say never, it could be that it was a time in your life as a child, growing up and as it has always been, Mama took you to Church, having been Baptized, received Communion and attended Church for a while, now you feel it is for Sissies: you may not know it but those few times alone may have been sufficient. God loves you, even the naughty ones because he knows, no one is perfect; only His begotten Son alove is perfect; All have sinned, even me and I constantly ask for His forgiveness and He forgives; God is love – the devil is a liar. Find a Good Church with the Holy Spirit to teach you all things.

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