Therold Prudent: Jadia should apologize

Therold Prudent, the leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), has said that Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel should apologize to her father, Francisco Jn Pierre.

Prudent asserted that Jn Pierre Emmanuel crossed the line when she “dissed” her father recently on a political platform.

The LPM leader told the Times that the young woman’s behavior was a big disappointment to him personally.

Prudent said he has admired her in terms of how she has handled herself.

“I think she is trying too hard to convince the Saint Lucia Labour Party that she is one of them, which everybody knows and to me when you go out there and you basically diss your father or challenge him in that kind of way, it just sends out the wrong signal,” the LPM leader stated.

He accused Prime Minister Doctor Kenny Anthony and the ruling party of being “enablers” in such behaviour.

Prudent said:

“You don’t destroy relationships between father and daughter or daughter and son or families in your quest to seek the political demise of another.”

He expressed the view that politics in Saint Lucia has become vicious and aimless, making persons want to puke.

Prudent told the Times that Jadia needs to take back what she said and return to being someone who can transcend politics.

He declared that she should stop trying so hard to prove to the Prime Minister and the SLP that she is one of them at the expense of her father, who is the opposition candidate for Laborie.

According to the LPM leader, Francisco Jn Pierre deserves an apology.

He said it was important for the young people of this country to continue looking up to Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel.

Prudent described the former Press Secretary to the Prime Minister who is now Communications Director of the SLP, as a young woman who came from nothing to someone who seems to be a leader in this country.






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