‘They Could Come Anytime They’re Ready’ – Fedee Welcomes Special Prosecutor Investigation

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Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has declared that he welcomes any investigation by a Special Prosecutor.

He made the comments during a recent appearance on the Hot 7 Television programme ‘Good Morning Saint Lucia’.

Regarding whether he had anything to fear, the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP said he welcomed a probe.

“I want them to begin every investigation. In fact, I will make every record I have available. I will open up all of my assets. I will open up my house. They could come any time they’re ready,” Fedee told programme Host Shannon Lebourne.

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His remarks came against the backdrop of the recent enactment of the Special Prosecutor Act.

It empowers an attorney-at-law appointed by the Judicial and Legal Services Commission to serve as Special Prosecutor.

The legislation also authorises the Office holder to receive complaints and investigate credible reports of corrupt conduct by incumbent public officials and also public officials who have demitted office.

But while making it clear that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) supports any measure to clean up government, Fedee advised the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) government to look within.

“I would say to this government you need to start with your own cabinet,” the former MP asserted.

“There are very unsavoury characters within the cabinet of the Saint Lucia Labour party that the government must take a hard look at itself, look very deeply in the mirror and ask itself whether it has the moral authority to make any pronouncement, much less to investigate corruption,” Fedee stated.

He also raised questions regarding the constitutionality of the Public Prosecutor Act, asserting there would be ‘some collision’ with the duties of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

According to Fedee, the government could have beefed up the Office of the DPP which has been crying out for resources.

“When you look at how the Public Prosecutor is appointed, you have that the Legal and Judicial Services Commission will consult the Attorney General. Now, why should the Legal and Judicial Services Commission consult the Attorney General?”

As far as Fedee was concerned, the commission should make the appointment, resulting in a ‘proper separation’ of the executive and the judiciary.

“I believe this is clearly political,” he asserted, adding that the Special Prosecutor measure was suspect and a witch-hunt, despite claims to the contrary by the government.


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  1. Humpty Dumpty shut up your mouth you have become millionaires in the 5 years in power no wonder is politics you guys go into

  2. The promises they made to the Citizens of their Constituancy who Employed them For five years they Never Check on tbem but when they tried to Remember them the Five years was up .I do hope that others Take note.All those who Stole tax payers Monies should be arrested charged and have them Return the Millions they stole

  3. Sometimes I’m wondering if some lucians born with brains to think for themselves…These people that are political blind hacks only can see red and yellow..if guy Joseph and chastnet slp supporters want them to go to jail..supporters of uwp can say the same with Hilliare jeochiam..Richard..Shawn there are more..How can slp go forward with the kind of hatred behavior our people needs to change their mindset or else we going to be doomn,

    • Man shut up, Richard Frederick is not a member of the SLP. He is an independent candidate. Smfh.
      Questioning whether people with brains… what about you?

  4. Dominic Fedee was the most successful, competent and productive individual in the last UWP Cabinet. He can hold his head high!
    The SLP with their vicious xenophobia were so quick to castigate this individual because of his Guyanese heritage. This was all part of the bitter hatred of SLP campaigning over the past 25 years that is largely responsible for the atmosphere of corruption and crime that now runs riot over our land.
    Fedee , whenever the opportunity arose during the devastating pandemic, was instrumental in doing what was best for the tourism industry. He implemented rules when necessary and loosen them when required. Without his shrewd input the industry would be in tatters today. Yet he lost his seat based on vulgar and ugly gutter politics. His constituents are regretting this now and it is a pity the leaders in the tourism industry are now silent on this individual who worked so hard to assist them in those unprescented trying times.

    Throughout that Covid period when we needed ALL HANDS ON DECK the SLP and their cohorts sabotaged the efforts of government i order to gain political power. Today they are in power under drastically BETTER conditions and the country still plummets downward under their watch. Inflation is rampant with all costs going up.
    We know that this Special Prosecutor is all about political revenge as the SLP cannot stop the UWP based on the performance of the clueless like Pierre fredericks king and hillaire.
    I wish Fedee well in this period of witch hunting by the devils themselves who instead oh working for the people are busy looking after themselves family and friends..

    • Man shut up inflation is world wide, plus Fadee is a loser he lost the last Election. Anse la Raye and Caneries people voted him out. SLP didn’t do that, what you talking bout? The people voted Fade out and you blaming SLP?

      Get a grip, he wasn’t doing enough to earn the people vote it’s just that simple.

  5. Politicians are being prosecuted the world over: it’s about time we jump on the bandwagon. We need to drain the swamp. It’s the only way for citizens to regain confidence in their government and politicians in general: Die hard hacks are just as guilty as the criminal politicians. They are accomplices.

  6. You fraid Fedee. Don be afraid, you were an accomplice with Allen and Guy. Bois d’Inde people don’t want you anymore. You fooled Dan. Get a hell out of our lives.


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