‘They Mistake Shawn For Kim’ – Mistaken Identity Blamed For Vieux Fort Homicide

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A distraught mother believes that one of her sons, who sustained a gunshot wound to the head at New Dock Lane, Vieux Fort, was the victim of mistaken identity.

Shawn Philip alias ‘Ti Fish’ died on Monday around 12:20 pm.

But Shawn’s mother feels that the intended target was Kim, the older brother of the 22-year-old deceased.

Damiana Philip – Mother of Shawn Philip

“They mistake Shawn for Kim – yes, is Kim that have trouble with the people,” Damiana Philip told HTS Evening News.

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She said Shawn was her sole provider and was pursuing a life away from crime, working as an apprentice to a boat builder.

The mother recalled that her deceased son’s last words to her were that he was heading to work.

“Mommy, I will see you later,” she recalled Shawn saying.

“I told him if you going to work, go to come back,” she told HTS Evening News, adding that Shawn was a loner who never had friends.

According to HTS, Kim Philip, Shawn’s older brother, echoed his mother’s belief that the shooting was a case of mistaken identity.

Kim Philip – Brother of Shawn Philip

Kim recounted that after the shooting, he had to assure people that he was alive.

“I heard my name. I heard I got shot,” he stated, but he lamented that his brother was the victim.

“They tell me my brother they kill – they take my brother for me,” Kim disclosed.


Headline photo: Shawn Philip. (All photos courtesy HTS Evening News)

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  1. Same BS going on killing their own for bulshit. The laws are to soft and law enforcement got to go after the gunmen and cancel them. government is playing games!!!

  2. Wether mistaken or not , ” Thou shall not KILL”.
    Must the murderer lives forever ?
    And not devour forever ?
    Don’t you realize that will end in bitterness ? How long before killing Stop 🛑
    ❌Showed no mercy to the poor and innocent man ? Shed his blood,died as a lawless die,and fell before the wicked men ?
    Guilty is now ❌,fleet-footed as a wild gazelle ? God’s eyes is on ❌-So will be capture by another.
    “May God deal with ❌,be it severly,if test bread or anything else before the 🌞sun sets.”
    For God has no part in murder or murderer. Should not God demande ❌ blood from the innocent hand,and rid ❌from the earth ?
    May the Lord repay ❌ according to your wickedness,so that the blood of the gun shot will not return UNSATISFIED”.
    Now confused with shame and disgraced,doubte,and restless will be the rest of your days and whithout peace, whithout taste bread or anything else before 🌞sunsets ?

  3. I am ridicule all day long ;
    everyone mocks me.
    Whenever I speak,I cry out
    proclaiming violence and destructions.
    So the word of the Lord has brought me insult and reproach all day long.
    But if I say, “I will not mention him or speak anymore in his name”,
    his word is in my heart like a 🔥fire,
    a 🔥fire to shut up my bones.
    I am weary of holding it in’,
    indeed,I cannot.
    I hear many wispering,
    “Terror on every side !
    Report him ! Let’s report him !”
    All my friends
    are waiting for me to slip,saying,
    “Perhaps he will be deceived ;
    then we will prevail over him
    and take our revenge on him”.
    But the Lord is with me like a mighty
    warrior ;
    so my persecutors will stumble and
    not prevail.
    They will fail and be thoroughly
    disgraced ;
    their dishonor will never be
    O Lord Almighty, you who examine the
    and probe the heart and mind,
    Iet me see your vengeance upon them,
    for to you I have committed my cause.

  4. Hmmm mistaken in identity, a brother got killed for another brother, while mother confirm that the survivor is the problem child, i have to probe this one deeper because something aint right here. Because often it happen when someone cannot get to the father they get to the kids so whether its a mistaken of identity it could be a family is on the verge of criminal elimination. It can go both ways giving the circumstances of the crime gang wave that’s now happening.

  5. @Unknown you are making a lot of sense and I keep saying that I’m not a detective or law enforcer but just these pronouncements by mother and brother gives a lot of clues. Maybe our kids watching Blues Clues could help the police in being more proactive instead of reactive like they were Tuesday night in Vieux Fort. I would like to know whether they would continue tonight, tomorrow night, Friday night.
    From the reports there is a strong possibility that Kim is still a homicide waiting to happen. Shouldn’t the police be protecting in some way. He may also be seeking revenge for his brother’s death, cause he was in a widely circulated video issuing threats towards rival gang members. To me that is enough to have him in police custody. Maybe I’m thinking that is possible and it is not so, therefore I would like Jadia to guide me as one of Kim’s lawyers.

  6. Kim really doesn’t care about his brother being murdered. He knows what’s happening. Listen to his tone. It’s a all about him not being the one killed. He won’t take revenge for his brother (I am not saying that he should). Shawn wasn’t Kim’s friend because of his bad boy attitude. He didn’t want to mingle with him. Shawn was different. He went to work and return to this gang environment every day, to help his mother. I understood that he pleaded for his life, saying that he is not in their gang business. He is on his own business. He was still shot between the eye. I hope he is given a descent burial and not one like those gangsters’. He should be recognised by even the police, The Youth Ministry and those advocating for peace, for being different, living in such environment. Where are all those who are asking for change, for peace? Let us raise this young man for being the example we all want to see from our young men in Vieux Fort South today. RIP SHAWN PHILLIP

  7. Based on the mother’s comments saying, it was mistaken identity and it’s the brother who has trouble with the people, and the brother also supporting, then I believe that the police should have a lead on who the perpetrators are.

  8. Vieux Fort, Kenny’s graveyard where no one is safe. Our constituency is represented by one of the most educated politicians but by no means one of the most successful. In fact, he has failed us and is a failed politician. So so sad, but true. He has created a dependent community to have us come to him for scraps every time we go hungry. But look at the results – a set on young men and women with no skills or education who turn to their savior, the drug barons for help and survival. And the rest is history – an undeveloped town now turned graveyard. A town where the criminals are responsible for law and order while Kenny meets with the police high command. Crime!! Kenny’s legacy. What a shame after more than twenty years of representation.

  9. If Shawn was mistaken for Kim, then it’s not all over. There are still scores remaining to be settled. Once the assailants realize that they “souf” then there is a real possibility that they will return. Kim just need to dryclean a black suit, shine his black shoes and get ready. Crick, Rambally and Lazarus are all hyped.

  10. The invisible War: the Spirit of Death is traveling the Earth, the master has an Army of hundreds of thousands hitting worshipers in Churches, people walking on Side Walks, kids at Schools, War in Ukrain, violence at Super Markets in U.S.A., you name it the forth horsman is on the move, the shooting is one thing and the Drug overdose is another, death comes in many forms, in Cities, in Communities and at homes. People, seed the Lord before its too late.

  11. I don’t think there was any mistaken identity. Was the victim wearing any mask? Didn’t the murderer asked him for money and he said he didn’t have. Is the place where the incident took place dark? Well answer these


    • How do you know he was asked for money? How do you know he said he didn’t have any money? Did someone hear all this go down? We’re you there?

  12. Stay far away from crime, it affects everything around you. Now your brother is dead you have to deal with the guilt.

  13. Them young Fellers never want to give UP .they believe in revenge so they just taking any body lives who are related.what a mess .see what gang putting peoples into.smh . Rip.

    • Honestly foolish comments like this should be flagged on the platform. You fools just say anything that come to your mind. Talking a bunch of rubbish!!

      Why are the editors not flagging and removing this stupid comment?

  14. Lol she raised two failures at life. Hopeless. What a mess. Check the state of the young men of Saint Lucia. Jonnie side purse wearing goons alone. Most can’t even read.

    • People careful how you judge others. We have children, grand children. So sad what is happening to our young people. Let’s pray for them and their families .

      • A war zone that going on in lucia or what??? Aa aa aa!!! Kenny and de laybor party stop supplying de youth with guns ftom yall drug money coming from Cuba and Venezuela. And yall wondering why view fort is a war zone becsuse thats where all de guns coming in!!! Take a closer look at them corrupt politicians calling the shots in these constituencies!!!!


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