‘They Need To Stop Making Mothers Cry’

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A Desruisseaux, Micoud woman whose only son was gunned down as he was about to enter the family home on Tuesday night, has appealed to young people to put down their guns and settle whatever differences they may have peacefully.

“We need to stop. We need to stop making the mothers cry,” a grieving Diane Pamphile told St Lucia Times.

Diane spoke hours after her son Karch Pamphile succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds.

The mother recalled that she was already sleeping when she heard the sound of gunshots, only to be told shortly afterward by her sister’s husband that her son, who turned 26 last week, was the target.

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“He called me and said ‘Look they killed your son on the ground’. When I came out of my house I saw my son on the ground in front of my doorstep,” Diane stated.

She said Karch, the only son among her two children, was about to enter the house.

Diane, who described Karch as a ‘mommy’s boy’ who worked with her, said she was not aware that he had any issues with anyone.

“Honestly I just don’t know what is happening. I don’t know. I don’t know why young people have to resort to violence. They can just resolve differences. Why everything has to be gun violence?” She lamented.

Diane revealed that her deceased son was the father of a six-month-old baby.

So far for the year, Saint Lucia has recorded 44 homicides.

Headline photo: Karch Pamphile – deceased

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    I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have,so that no one will take your CROWN….

  2. Parents please teach and raise your children in the way of the lord. Pray with them and let them know that God loves them. Whats sad is our teachers do not even want prayers on the class chat group. Hence we find that they think academic is all. Our children need moral value , self discipline, self worth and integrity that only comes from God.

  3. The way society is design there will always have crime. We have some people that have alot and some not much at all. It is survival of the fittest in a crowded world. What I have noticed and it is a growing trend is many young people are joining criminal gangs and forming groups. So when disagreement arises among the different groups/gangs, this one is ask to take this one out. You can hear the talk on the streets. I will tell my boys to roll on that guy (rob) and sometimes there is retaliation. Everyone is angry and frustrated nowadays and you irritate someone they want to get rid of you. Even the lesbians, (she his) joining too. Now when they are taken out family members should just keep to the media because joking such gangs is expect their demise anytime.

  4. It’s saddens my heart to see these young people has becomes inhumane sad..Right now they entire country is raining with blood..unless our people don’t change their mindset st.lucia will always have crime..The sadest part when politics comes in between crime is everyone business on the island..Customs has failed the country of st.lucia mostly all of them aware of the guns that are coming in..worse yet we have a pm which is holding the portfolio of minister of national security clueless..Like is about to give lucians needs a leader in time of crisis

  5. Reality check people.. even if you raise your children the right way.. school,church etc. In the world we currently living… they too can be a victim to the gun violence. So stop being quick to point fingers.. when tomorrow it can be anyone.. we as a collective have to be the ones raising the children.. as a community.. a nation.. if these methods are put to practice then and only then would we see the root of these issues.

    • That is true. Not everyone who ends up a victim is part of the circle. There are many aggressive ignorant individuals with guns out there. One pulled a gun on me recently over a parking spot. Had I been killed I would’ve been called a gangsta too.

  6. It is only when it hits home they come out to cry. They have no idea how to raise children yet they breed. Think of the wise words if you can do something it doesn’t mean you must do. The same way anyone can kill but it does not mean you must kill. Even though you can breed it doesn’t mean you must because you can make a child but you cannot raise one.

  7. If From the Day he Left School it was Construction.Welding .Plumming .Electrical.Carpentry or Labourer He was deeply engaged in this Would never Happen to him .I saw photos of him With Gang member’s in Vieux.Fort


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