Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘They Told Me He Fell From The Vehicle!’

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The girlfriend of Sheldon Jonney, 37, who died on Tuesday afternoon after falling from a pickup truck at Bexon says she saw him board the vehicle with his legs hanging out.

 “I asked him to put his legs up inside,” Ruthlyn Matthews told St Lucia Times.

  “He could have gone in front and sat down, but he was intoxicated. I saw when he was drinking,” Matthews disclosed. 

She said she was doing some painting when Jonney boarded the vehicle, and minutes afterwards she heard that he had died after falling from the pickup and hitting his head.

Ruthlyn Matthews
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“I miss him a lot. We lived together for four years. He was a good person to me. Although we used to have our ups and downs, he was ‘iree’ – he wouldn’t leave me hungry,” Matthews stated.

“I trying to be strong although I am weak,” the girlfriend explained.

And she echoed the sentiments of some community residents that perhaps had an ambulance arrived earlier, Jonney might have been alive today.

“The ambulance took a long time,” Matthews told St Lucia Times.

Headline photo: Sheldon Jonney

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  1. J Dorn
    It is so true according to your comments , but,may be or it d
    should be prevented ?
    It is really a hearbreaking 💔.

  2. But to me his from ciceron just like her smh so sad buddy I Kno his paps sympathy to his family smh

    • my point is the same way doctors say dont operate heavy machinery if you taking medication and the same way the police say dont drink and drive put one and one together and you just might add it up

  3. Men in particular, allow their egos to get the best of them. Falling off the Cab of trucks is something that has been happening in the Caribbean for a lont time, but men still ride, not only in the bed of the truck, but some ride on the edge of the truck’s bed frame. Some Caribbean Islands have passed a Law to Prohibit people from doing it, but it is not enforced. While women also ride on the back of trucks, they are more cautious, however. Will any lessons be learned from this incident or will it be a two conversation, then back to the same old, same old? Only God knows.

  4. My lady you have stated the facts yourself. He was intoxicated and went to sit at the back of a pick up van with his legs hanging out was a recipie for disaster. He took a huge risk which caused his death. Who knows if he would have been alive if an ambulance had responded sooner. He fell from a moving vehicle onto his head so he likely sustained serious injuries. Sad. St lucians take that risk all the time. This is why some people with pick up vans cover the back of their vans with tarpaulin. It is unfortunate that he lost his life in such a traumatic way but it is no one’s fault but his own. You yourself said the front seat was empty but you let him put his own life at risk and sit at the back instead of encouraging him to sit in the front.

  5. At 37 yrs of age, 2.00 p.m. drinking like a fish; at that time of day should be doing some work. The devil always find work for the idle; in the morning, call on ‘Our Father’ He is always there to listen because, as a Father, He cares, PEACE.

  6. “And she echoed the sentiments of some community residents that perhaps had an ambulance arrived earlier, Jonney might have been alive today.”

    No my dear we always like to blame others for our misfortune . If he was not drunk or maybe not an alcoholic if he was one then he would have been alive today dont blame it on the ambulance solely. Blame it on the alcohol

    • But who IS that Guy relative .His mom and die cause that name i see there have me thinking.

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