Thief Smoked, Drank During La Clery Home Invasion

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A thief who broke into a residence at La Clery, Castries, got so comfortable that he took a smoke and even drank some water, the home owner says.

La Clery resident, Lucita Ferdinand, has appealed to the individual who broke into her home on Christmas Eve Day to return the items that were stolen.

Ferdinand made the appeal Tuesday night during the Hot 7 Television News.

She said the intruder made off with items including some cash and her daughter’s computer while members of the family were away from home.

Lucita Ferdinand, victim of burglary at La Clery
Lucita Ferdinand: Photo courtesy Hot 7 TV News
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Ferdinand urged members of the public not to buy goods which they suspect have been stolen.

She explained that one of the stolen laptops has the name ‘FWET’ inscribed on it.

The La Clery resident asserted that it would be difficult to erase.

Ferdinand, who has been living in La Clery, Castries, for over twenty years said the thief was so comfortable that the individual had a smoke while in the house and even drank some water.

She believes the crime was perpetrated by someone who monitored the family and likely knew their movements.

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