Thieves Target Sea Moss Farmers

Thieves are making life difficult for sea moss farmers, at a time when there’s a huge demand for sea moss.

The Praedial Larceny Unit says it has received numerous reports of sea moss farms in Aupicon, Vieux Fort and Praslin being raided by thieves.

Candita Joseph, a sea moss farmer from Savannes Bay, Vieux Fort told St Lucia Times that nearly every week she is losing crop she has planted.

Joseph has been in the business for about 30 years.

“We are facing a big challenge because these days there is a big demand for sea moss,” she explained.

According to her estimation, there are currently about 40 local sea moss exporters.

Joseph said she does not know whether the thieves are trying to sell their stolen crop to the exporters.

“I am losing a lot of sea moss – sometimes thirty ropes are empty,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

Joseph said the thefts usually occur on Saturday when some farmers are at church.

She said thirty ropes of the crop amounts to about three bags of dry sea moss which would fetch some $1,000.

Joseph said the farmers have met with representatives of the Praedial Larceny Unit, the Department of Agriculture and other officials  to discuss ways of addressing the situation.



  1. The Farmers have to set ambush for these fools and when the farmers aprehend them .make sure they eat about 2lbs of Raw Sea moss .These guys Refuse to work hard to acheive their goals .Why Steal the hard working men Seamoss. Farmers Make an example out of these thieves so that others can Respect people’s property

    • You are right on point Sadam. There are ways to catch them, even if it is chemical portion from the lab. Sea moss has been popular for a long time. Back in the 70s I heard about it in St. Thomas, USVI and wondered how people drank that stuff, until I tasted the finish product. I could not believe that I had been swimming through it as a youth, and oblivious to its benefit; so much for that. Now sea moss has become a weekly must have across the globe. Some men think that it helps them, real or imagined, I don’t know, it is can be found in Farmers Markets, Supermarkets, and Eateries across the US.and other countries.

  2. This is so unfair. Why should they reap the hard work of another person. Set them a trap then they will say you are wrong to do so.

  3. It’s tricky because the seamoss often breaks off from the line and wash up on shore or is found on the floor of the sea. I know of someone who went diving for seamoss on the bed of the sea recently because of the increase in price. But there are problems:
    1. Actual theives may claim that they got loose seamoss and did not take it from the lines.
    2. You can treat all non-farmers caught with seamoss as theives to stop the theft. But.. If you stop all non farmers from having seamoss in their possession then the seamoss that gets wash up is wasted as it is not worth it for the actual farmers to gather.
    3. There is inter-theft between farmers.

  4. I was waiting for this article. After the first one published and advertised the location and the value and demand for seamoss I was like oh man now these seamoss farmers would be in trouble. Sometimes the news can do more damage than good.

  5. I want to know who has the legal right to sea moss.. this is not something that you legally plant it’s a product of the ocean, I can understand disturbing fish pots……but sea moss that’s a different story I wonder what the charge would be….interesting court case I would not mine challenge.

  6. Lucian high grade sounds like you would be better making your point at planting weed. My advice to you is go do some research on seamoss

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