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by Dr. Charles Greenidge

COVID-19 is not a single virus, but a family of viruses. Every infection represents a new generation. The virus changes with each generation, often improving its ability to infect.

The important ones are being named; Alpha, Beta, etc. The worrisome one now is the Delta. It’s infectivity ie it’s ability to infect some one is up by 60%.

The Delta variant may have started in India but it has spread to the UK. Fortunately vaccines are still effective against this variant. This is the reason the UK has pushed back it’s reopening; to allow time to reduce spread while more people are vaccinated.

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The Delta variant is also in the United States and the number of cases is doubling each fortnight.

With the nature of our tourism economy, it is only a matter of time before the Delta variant comes to Saint Lucia. If you vaccinate today you will be able to protect yourself, your family and your country. Get Vaccinated!


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